Ecuador: Assembly discussing dissolution of term limits for Presidency

Posted on August 7, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics reported in less than five years, the leadership of the ruling party changed its position on one of the most interesting issues raised in the Assembly of Montecristi: reelection. Yesterday, the dome of A. Country raised publicly amend the constitution to allow indefinite reelection of the authorities.


In practice, the government has control over two-thirds of the Assembly to push for a constitutional amendment that extends the figure of reelection. However, the ruling bloc members did not know the contents of the document released yesterday by the leadership of A. Country. “This issue is not on the agenda of Alianza País” said Virgilio Hernandez. Therefore believes to be submitted for discussion to determine the scope of the proposal. In this regard, said that the debate on the possibility of term limits is a political, not legal. And you still must analyze the scenarios before making a joint decision.

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