Ecuador: Alvaro Noboa will run for President until he dies

Posted on August 17, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

Last election you received a ittle more than 330,000 votes, What makes you think that now will be any different?
NOBOA: Because there is now a great disappointment popular product of national problems. Today there is poverty, there is unemployment, there are also health problems, there are many angles to the crisis. What solutions are there? The most important solution is that there are those who create jobs, like it or not, the employer. There are lots of Ecuadorian who has their money abroad for fear, because there have been persecutions. I have been a victim of this persecution, remember the case of La Clementina that took the Noboa Group a company worth more than 100 million dollars, while my competitors paid 200 000 300 000 dollars. And the state is a bad manager, that same hacienda Clementina what was to be served airport drug traffickers. Clementina workers are extremely disappointed that has happened to that it was the largest estate of Ecuador. But the Ministry of Labour says you rather still owes 1 800 workers? Look, every month and I go to sleep peacefully, I demands of the state, employees, juanito, Pedrito, etc, etc, which are behind on money. Me how I solve a problem that? What has to solve a judge. How can it be that workers who are owners of the estate settlement request, who ask themselves if they own. Besides, I never told them not to come to work on other farms ours, they had the doors open to work on other farms. Read Complete Interview


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