Ecuador: 911 system plans security buttons in tourist attractions throughout Ecuador

Posted on February 11, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

ECU-911 plans to install security buttons in tourist establishments throughout Ecuador reported Quito, February 10 (Andes) .- The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador with the security system ECU-911 kits implement national security in hotels and restaurants in the most demand of tourists there, as part of efforts Government to boost tourism in the country.

When considering this sector as one of the basic pillars for changing the productive matrix, both entities have begun a pilot installation plan 60 buttons safety in cities like Quito and Guayaquil and in the parish of Mindo, located northwest of the capital and renowned for attracting tourists for its flora and fauna.

The safety kits operate in real time and are interconnected with surveillance cameras ECU-911. In case of any mishap, the user must only press the button and immediately receive assistance from the emergency services.


Sandra Naranjo, Minister of Tourism said that aid in order to convert Ecuador into tourist power in the world working mainly in security. “It is everyone’s responsibility and work to improve the supply and quality of services,” said the official.

He also said that the aim is to inform Ecuador as a country “where tourists always want to return for his safety pleasant experience.”

The state has invested about $ 270 million in tourism. To tell the Minister button will not only help in cases of theft or robbery, but also on issues related to fire or health.

For his part, Cesar Navas, Security Minister explained that the technological integration between the ECU-911 and cameras that are already installed in hotels is important to make tourism quality and warmth.

Information of the Ministry of Tourism indicates that tourist destinations that are prioritized for the pilot were chosen according to the number of visitors, the main economic activity and safety indices.

Cristian Rivera, director of ECU-911, explained that there are several local buttons at strategic places so that customers can use them. Once the propellant is played all cameras of closed circuit will activate local and emit this signal to the security system cameras.

It is expected that in the coming months more than 350 stores across the country have the service. Those who want to join the initiative only should contact the Tourism Ministry of Tourism Welfare to register. Read Article

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