Ecuador: 7 financial computer crimes committed daily in 2012

Posted on August 26, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Internet reported in the first six months of this year the Attorney General has nationally registered 1354 cases of financial crimes. The provinces that most complaints are recorded with 563 complaints Pichincha, Guayas and Santa Elena 275 to 131.In addition, the governing body of the national banking system ordered change old 332 ATMs nationwide, to be replaced by new equipment to ensure greater security measures. On this issue, the president of the Association of Private Banks of Ecuador, Cesar Robalino, says that this change is underway, “the bank tellers are importing new and I think that in about six months to complete the process,” he says. To this is added at the end of last June was the deadline for banks to hire insurance coverages computer fraud, according to the arrangement JB-2012-2090 of the Banking Board issued on January 17 this year. However, the bank representatives estimate that the resolution does not directly involve the protection of customer accounts, but massive security theft affecting financial institutions. Another measure in effect since last July with the regulations for telecommunications users, which determines which service providers must submit codes IP (Internet Protocol) to the Telecommunications (Supertel), to investigate computer crimes. This action provokes questions of the College of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Association for digital users, suggesting mechanisms for the ethical use of this information and note that networks can be compromised. Read Article
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