Ecuador: 14 ancestral languages spoken

Posted on November 24, 2015 • Filed under: Culture, Ecuador, Ecuador Trivia reported in Ecuador fourteen native or ancestral languages ​​are spoken. In the coastal region, the Awa nationality Awapit; Chachi, Cha palaa; Epera, Siapede; Tsáchila, Tsa’fiquí. In the Amazon, the Cofan nationality, ingae; Secoya and Siona, the Paicoca; Huaorani, Huao Tedeo; Shiwiar, Shiwiar Chicham; Zápara, Zapara; Achuar, Achuar Chicham; Andoa, Andoa; Kichwa, Kichwa; Shuar Shuar Chicham. In the Sierra, the Kichwa nationality with its 18 indigenous peoples speak the Quechua language.

The language of the indigenous peoples has deep particularity and can not be literally translated into Spanish, as each language represents a particular worldview. Through language we differ and we know who we are and what society we belong; hence the identity of each people is rooted in the language. For example, the language Tsa’fiquí Tsáchila nationality means “true word, tell the truth, speak the truth”. This indicates that for indigenous peoples the word is extremely important. The word has a moral value, so who is missing the word not only not telling the truth but socially is “frowned upon”. Calazacón Albertina, the Tsáchila nationality tells us if the language dies, the culture dies. Read Article



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