Cuenca Ecuador: 30 of the 38 murders so far in 2013, result of fights, alcohol involved

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According to some, poor Police response to public intoxication or reported fights.
According to the Ministry of Interior Cuenca ranks first in the country for murders that involved alcohol consumption.
According to the Ministry of Interior crime rate is up 20 percent in Cuenca (2013) for the same time period in 2012.
———————————— reported…30 of 38 violent deaths this year were due to misunderstandings. In Cuenca is made a standard to regulate consumption of liquor.

On weekends there is a massive influx of people visiting the five bars in the area. Policing is minimal. Who even there they park their vehicles on sidewalks and consume alcohol. On October 27 died Andres Peralta, of 26 years. According to police, the man received four stab wounds in the chest after leaving an establishment. There are three detainees, but no traces of the alleged assailants. According to José (protected name), resident of this sector, “before that occurs this fact have called police to control the quarrels and avoid the consumption of liquor, but they rarely comes”.

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Azuay occupies the first place in the registration of killings and assassinations that have some relation to the ingestion of alcohol, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Judicial investigations indicate that at least 30 of the 38 violent deaths in the province so far of the year had as antecedent liquor consumption. The victims The morning of August 2 Pablo Sarmiento, 27-year-old died. He and three colleagues left the House of a friend, in the historic centre. They celebrated their incorporation as a physician. It appeared another person with whom he discussed and Sarmiento was stabbed. A relative of the victim didn’t find explanation why they killed him, since that night “didn’t steal him anything”. Two days later, in a confusing incident died the same way Walter Bermeo, 25-year-old, in the Centre of the city. When he returned to his home met with some people who drank in public roads and clashed. The citizen Safety Council (CSC) conducted a survey of 5 000 people to learn about their perception of security in Cuenca. 98% Related liquor with insecurity. A week ago, the Minister of the Interior, José Serrano, said that Cuenca is the only city in the country where the number of crimes rose by 20%, compared to the same period in 2012. According to him, 80% is related to the intake of liquor. In 17 cases identified the alleged perpetrators. The sociologist for Marco Salamea, “in the city consumed alcohol as an element of distraction or evasion, that interpersonal conflicts that end in violence is caused”. In April last, for example, a woman was found dead and her body burning in flames in Barabon, southwest of Cuenca. The autopsy revealed that she died asphyxiated. According to investigations, hours before her death was seen along with two men at a downtown bar. The two were arrested and two months have been sentenced to 25 years in prison. That same month died from a stabbing Julio Iglesias Girão abroad, for 50 years. His body was mutilated and kept in parts in a suitcase and bags. According to the prosecution, the purported responsible shared the room with the victim. As in the other cases, the murder occurred while they drank liquor. In October, the CSC held a meeting to analyze the causes of consumption of alcoholic beverages in the country. The technicians of the National Council for the Control of narcotic and psychotropic substances noted that basin is where young people consume liquor more often (more than three times in 15 days). It was based on a survey of 39 634 students. It was also determined that 58% of students buy alcohol in shops. The Mayor Jorge Cabrera said that this year they closed 120 stores that sold alcohol to minors. A distillery was closed definitively because I relapsed to the sale to minors and outside set times. ECU-911 has a Sectored map of sites where most alcohol is ingested. Among others are the Avenida Remigio Crespo, the Calle Larga, sectors such as San Francisco, October 9, fair free and Totoracocha and La Merced. In this last site, residents also denounce the dispensing of drugs. The CSC and the Administration was elaborated a draft Ordinance to regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol. The President of the Security Commission, Wilson Munoz, said that been seeking agreements with entrepreneurs licoreros, owners of abacerias and professionals to carry out controls. The aim is to reduce the bickering and deaths violent in Cuenca. Read Article

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