Cotopaxi, Ecuador: Another Bus Falls into hellish abyss, One Dead

Posted on March 27, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

One person killed and two injured when a bus drops into a chasm in the canton of Sigchos. The dawn of this Sunday, a unit of transport of passengers fell to an abyss of the canton Sigchos, province of Cotopaxi, sector Guangocalle. The Ecu-911 Ambato received the alert of the accident at 05:21, after which an operation was started to rescue the passengers who were moving in the car. According to witnesses, the bus rushed to the bottom of the ravine due to the collapse of a bridge. From the operating room of the Integrated System in Latacunga, three ambulances of the Ministry of Health (MSP), an ambulance and Rescue Unit of the Pujilí canton and a patrol of the National Police were sent to the scene.

Staff of the latter institution reported from the site that three people were injured, however residents of the sector who witnessed the incident explained that seven people were traveling in the transport unit. Agents of the Pujilí Fire Department, as well as paramedics of the MSP, said that the three wounded arrived at the hospital of the parish Zumbahua, belonging to the Pujilí canton, where they received primary care. One of them was discharged without presenting serious injuries, while the other two were rushed to the Latacunga Hospital. Due to the severity of the injuries, one of the wounded people died when they arrived at the care home. So far, National Police personnel try to recover the bus, with the help of machinery. Source: ElTelegrafo Read Article


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