Cotacachi Ecuador: U.S. expatriate’s daughter allegedly sexually abused at school

Posted on July 26, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador

According to a Facebook post on Cotacachi Expats group, a former U.S. expatriate (Bonnie Cosenza) stated….”My daughter was sexually abused at the private school across from the market….cardinal bernadino echeveria by a man named Daniel. The director, English teacher, and gym teacher are also aware of this and involved. The English teacher, a woman dresses my daughter up to dance for this man. They have a book with photos of many children, my daughter included, doing sexual things to them…oral sex, child on child, and many other more disturbing, disgusting things. This school is still open…police have done nothing…they are covering it up. Go to the fiscalia and demand an investigation be done. Tell them u want details of harmonys case and want to know what action they have taken….I have very detailed records of everything I have done from the day I found out with the names of all police I have dealt with. They all suck and could care less about what happened and is continuing to happen . Cotacachi police I have been quiet long enough. You will never tell me to be silent again. Assholes,you lied to me for three months. I want nothing to do with a place where the children are not protected. Valensuela is a liar, and so is Jiménez. My daughter was basically raped and you tell me children cant understand the difference between sexual touch and normal touch. Idiots. Goodbye Cotacachi. I am glad to be home where at least the police will do something.”

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