Costa Rica: More than 40 percent of sex crimes, are against minors

Posted on April 7, 2015 • Filed under: Costa Rica

( An average of eighteen people report a sex crime each day in Costa Rica – an average of once every 80 minutes – and in more than 40% of those reported crimes, the victim is a minor, according to a special report on sex crime in Costa Rica prepared and published by Amelia Rueda last month. Of an annual average of 6,537 reported sex crimes, 2,664 reports involve a victim under the age of 18 (note, however, that Costa Rica’s age of consent is 15 years of age; with the exception of prostitution, those in charge of the care of the minor, or cases involving the corruption or coercion of a minor – for example, by providing alcohol to someone underage as part of gaining their consent, taking advantage of a minor who may be vulnerable due to poverty, and many other circumstances.) Read Article

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