Colombia: Student faces possible jail time in copyright infringement case

Posted on August 19, 2014 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime reported that Colombian student may face up to eight years in jail for sharing article
Diego Gómez is accused of violating ‘economic and other rights’, in what activists say is an ‘absurd’ application of copyright law.Diego Gómez, a biologist working on reptile and amphibian conservation, is accused of violating “economic and other rights” after he uploaded a master’s thesis by a fellow scholar to the text-sharing website Scribd four years ago. Gómez found the paper while researching amphibians and reptiles at the National University. In a statement on the case, he said the sole purpose of posting it had been to share the information with other researchers who may not otherwise have access to it. “I thought it was something that others might be interested in,” he wrote. Read Article

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