Colombia: Rebel attacks on pipelines threatening oil production

Posted on September 20, 2014 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Explosives / Bombs, FARC, Oil, Organized Crime reported the main company of the country warns that last year there were 235 attacks, while in 2010 were 32. Two contractors working for Ecopetrol have just killed. The facts are not helping the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, to keep his speech of a negotiation process with the rebels. This week, Javier Gutiérrez, President of Ecopetrol, the first oil company in the country, spoke for the first time on the attacks against the infrastructure. While in 2010, there were 32 attacks, allowing Colombia to produce a million barrels a day, in 2013 took place 235 attacks. In 2014 will not improve. This week two contractors who worked for Ecopetrol were murdered in broad day light. That not seen for years.Read Article

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