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The three phases offensive

The government has gone through three distinct phases in the course of student conflict.

1) In the first instance (with Lavin), the government opted for the traditional tactic of the Ministers of Education, to establish a conversation table with key national stakeholders (CONFECH and College of Teachers) and resolve the conflict (only) by increasing scholarships and existing loans.

2) Due to the failure of the tactics of the former minister, Bulnes attempt to contain the movement through a table discussion with all stakeholders (CRUCH, CONFECH, CONES and Teachers College) committing to a significant increase in financial resources for scholarships and credits, reducing the interest rate-guaranteed credit and some constitutional reforms that put an end to the profit (alone) in higher education. Due to the predominance of the more radical sectors within the CONFECH, the second tactic executive met with student resistance and ended up failing.

3) At that very moment it is deployed the third phase of containment, and to which we face today, on the one hand, a) the executive and accelerates press discussion within the bourgeois parliament, seeking support for their projects right-wing sectors of the Coalition (DC), in turn, b) delves into the logic of disqualification to the revolutionary sectors of the CONFECH (mainly regional universities), a discourse that has as its main ally in the press of the ruling classes, and finally, c) a repressive offensive, directed from the Ministry of Interior, against student leaders and against the students who organized around popular protest and direct action.

Revolutionary Left Movement
MIR of Chile

National Secretariat
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