Chiclayo Peru airport serious risk to aviation accidents due to bird population

Posted on September 24, 2012 • Filed under: Latin America Aviation, Latin America News, Peru, TRAVEL

The Directorate General of Aeronautical
Civil (DGAC) sent a
serious warning to the authorities
Lambayeque to
start hunting vultures health,
to avoid accidents
military and commercial aircraft
daily use
José International Airport
Quiñones of Chiclayo.
In a document sent to
Airports Company of Peru
(ADP), dealer has
Chiclayan control terminal,
FAA says that if no
drastic measures are taken to
reduce the risk, you will need to
close the airport in the capital
The head of the Regional Office
National Defence, Civil and Se-
The vultures do unsafe
Chiclayo airport
Citizen security Lambayeque
Carlos Balarezo
said at a meeting
Thursday in Chiclayo
evaluated this document
DGAC and also unveiled
a report
by the Control Committee
Avian danger recommending
remove 20%
more than 7,500 of gallinazos
that exist around the
airport and other points
The head of Wildlife
Wildlife Management
Technical Forestry
Floras and Wildlife
Lambayeque, Guillermo Baigorria
not yet explained
gave a date for the start
health hunting because
Municipality of Ottawa
should define how to take
out this work and how much
will be the amount to invest.
He estimated that in Chiclayo
needed to eliminate some
1400 live buzzards
especially in the route
commercial aircraft follow
and military to arrive or depart
the airport. Read Article

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