Chavez denies medical assistance to Venezuelan child suffering from cancer in Argentina – Video Spanish –

Posted on April 8, 2012 • Filed under: Latin America Health, Venezuela

Machine Produced Translation from Youtube page with video. UPLOADED JULY 2011
Hugo Chavez denies medical care to a 13-year cancer by only miss their parents do not use the red pole.

Also respodió no money. It must be true, Venezuela has no money for a loan just made billionaire of the Republic of the China as he says in his video of the June 29, 2011
the @ 2:35 minutes. Talk shit on the rest of the videos to the news that 3 minutes government officials. Is this man competes with Cantinflas?

This is the failed government of Hugo Chavez that not even have confidence in your infrastructure of your hospital system and health. Only he has the luxury as a burges to go to Cuba to heal because he knows that there treats you better. And as pay all that? With the money from the petrodollars of the people. Giving the oil to Cuba.

Venezuela suffers a tremendous corruption. While the people starve, his generals received a tremendous salary and live like burgeses and red polo militants also receive all the help. And poor, poor is receiving alms.

We’re not making fun of him. We say that Venezuela is the best for this man not return because he can not govern a country. Venezuelans returning from abroad and that this be a lesson to all of Latin America, we must not forget the poor. Why a Latin American want to stand by exploiting other Latin American? WHY?

But Hugo Chavez, Venezuela see a powerful global market where wealth is well distributed.

¿Because you metistes Hugo in the affairs of Peru?
We do not want any of that shit European Bolivarian empire.
We are the Empire of Twantinsuyo. Do not forget.
Who am I?
Hugo already told you who I am.
FROM INTIHUANTANA, the heart of Machu Picchu.

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