Bomb Explodes in Viña del Mar Chile at a supermarket

Posted on September 10, 2014 • Filed under: Chile, Explosives / Bombs, Terrorism reported a homemade bomb exploded in a supermarket when a maid manipulated the trash. The incident occurred just two days in a terrorist attack that left 14 injured in Santiago. A new homemade device exploded Tuesday night in the Chilean city of Viña del Mar (west of Santiago) in a paper, leaving an injured person with acoustic trauma. The incident occurred just two days a terrorist attack. Local media stated that the explosion occurred just after 20h30 (23h30 GMT) of the night on an esplanade in front of a supermarket located in the sector Gómez Carreño of the spa town. The injured woman, 43, suffered an acoustic trauma and was subsequently discharged from the medical center to which he was transferred. “The device consisted of a plastic bottle containing paper, aluminum and muriatic acid,” he said on Wednesday told AFP police source. Read Article

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