Argentine researches discover toxic fish in Uruguay River

Posted on July 21, 2011 • Filed under: Agriculture, Argentina, Enviromental Issues, Health, Uruguay

Researchers from the University of Buenos Aires have found traces of toxic substances, some of which can be traced back to common pesticides, in fish in the Uruguay River, reports Agencia EFE per Officials call the discovery of these toxins a wake up call for Argentina and Uruguay to enforce and deliver harsher punishments for unregulated pesticide use and waste dumping. Further analysis is required to determine the extent of the toxic damage to the river, but as of now researchers have identified endosulfan, a poison used on crops and banned in many countries, and PCB which is found in paint, transformers and imported stoves. Both of these substances are carcinogenic. The fish carrying these toxins are migratory, so it is difficult to determine where on the river they were contaminated.
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