Argentina xenophobic

Posted on September 22, 2011 • Filed under: Argentina, Culture, Social Issues

In Argentina, on 30 August this year, the National Film and Visual Arts (INCAA) Official Gazette published a new regime of “screen quota” greatly deepen the concocted in 1973 in full assault on freedom individual. Se trata -nada más y nada menos- de limitar por la fuerza del aparato estatal las exhibiciones de producciones cinematográficas extranjeras en salas argentinas. It is-nothing more and nothing less, to limit the power of the state apparatus displays of foreign film productions in theaters in Argentina.
This measure has the approval of the chieftains reiterated the Executive Branch is one of the most troglodyte that can be conceived. Es una clara demostración de no entender que significa la cultura que, por definición, no tiene color nacional y es por naturaleza cosmopolita. Is a clear demonstration of not understanding the culture means that, by definition, has no national color and is cosmopolitan nature. No hay tal cosa como las matemáticas australianas o la física noruega. There is no such thing as mathematics or physics Australian Norway. The culture, the manifestation of cultivating the spirit, is independent of geography. read Article

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