Andres Oppenheimer believes it is the time for an International Anti-corruption Court

Posted on August 2, 2014 • Filed under: Corruption, Crime, Latin America News, Organized Crime, Politics Oppenheimer (Opinion Piece) wrote the more I read about the massive government corruption in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and other countries where top officials have been accused of stealing fortunes with near total impunity, the more I like a new proposal that is making the rounds in world legal circles — creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court. The idea of creating an International Anti-Corruption Court along the lines of the existing International Criminal Court has been proposed by federal judge and former Justice Department official Mark L. Wolf. He explained his proposal in an article published earlier this week on the Brookings Institution’s website.

In Argentina, despite President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s efforts to silence independent journalism, there are still media companies that denounce government corruption. Hardly a day goes by without new revelations about Vice President Amado Boudou’s shady business deals.

In Venezuela and Ecuador, where there is no separation of powers and virtually no opposition media to denounce high-level corruption, top level corruption is even greater. Read Article

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