Ecuador: Correa defends his right to campaign for local Ecuador elections

Posted on February 21, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

cADENAGRAMONTE.CU REPORTED…The real candidate in the upcoming elections here is the Citizen Revolution, President Rafael Correa said today, as he defended his right to campaign in local Ecuador elections scheduled for Sunday. Speaking this Thursday at the radio station Sucre de Guayaquil, 500 kilometers southwest of the capital, the president said that in a democracy the vote is for a political project, an ideology. Ecuadorian opposition media have criticized Correa´s participation in the campaign activities of the candidates running on the ticket for the ruling party, Alianza País, in the elections for prefects, vice-prefects, mayors, councilors and members of parish councils. In addition to proclaiming his constitutional right to support his fellow party members, the president explained that his goal is to consolidate the Citizen Revolution, as he calls the political and social project underway in Ecuador since he came to power in January 2007. In this regard he stressed that local goverments are key to ensuring planned growth, and build the socialism of “Wellbeing.” Correa, who already announced that he will not seek the reelection in 2017, despite having a parliamentary majority that would allow him to change the constitution, also said it is wrong for processes to be dependent on particular personalities. Read Article


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