Arson at Mexican Pepsi subsidiary company linked to Knights Templar cartel

Posted on May 29, 2012 • Filed under: Drug Activity, Extortion, Guanajuato, Mexico, Michuocan

After five attacks on Pepsi subsidiary company Sabritas, including arson on distribution centers and the torching of dozens of vehicles, police have arrested several suspects. Fox News Latino reports this is the first large-scale coordinated attack against a multinational company in five years. The affected centers and vehicles belonging to Sabritas were located in the states of Guanajuato and Michoacan. A witness to one of the attacks claims armed, masked men arrived and threw firebombs at company trucks. One of the suspects taken into custody is thought to be a lieutenant of the Knights Templar cartel. Experts believe this case resembles other extortion incidents carried out against companies. Alexander Hope, a Mexican intelligence analyst, says this is an unprecedented event in Mexico. The Knights Templar, a pseudo-religious group, is known to raise money for various causes through drug-trafficking and extortion. Read Article 

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