Ecuador: Drug Trafficking Statistics

Posted on January 8, 2018 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Social Issues

IN RECENT TIMES AS MAY AS 10,000 IDIVIDUALS HAVE BEEN DETAINED FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING OFFENSES / ECUADOR IS A MAJOR CORRIDOR FOR LOGISTICS IN THE DRUG TRADE (machine translated) Drug trafficking in its macro and micro variants has been installed in the country. There is no day when you do not realize the events and events in which the open and sophisticated actions of your organizations are active. Their numbers are ascending and cause concern. The police and control authorities that fight this business state that the country is still not in their main network. They claim that it is only a transit zone for the most important drug cartels, which are based in Central America, Mexico, the United States, Europe and Asia.

One of them states that the drug “enters our country as a logistic corridor for transport, temporary storage and then shipping large quantities, and the facilities provided by our country as we have repeatedly stated, through our beaches, are important for drug trafficking operations … What concerns us most is the recruitment capacity in certain sectors, which has been in recent times. Especially to the fishing sector “(national anti-narcotics director).

That is why it is possible that the figures of drug trafficking in Ecuador show some indirect links with the big cartels. However, small planes, airstrips, submarines and speedboats have already been captured, revealing the presence of important drug organizations operating from our country. The presence of these posters of the million-dollar drug trade can not be ruled out, then. The figures in Ecuador have to worry everyone: institutions and agencies that must control, combat and dismantle this illicit business.


In the previous month the police and control bodies gave a figure that draws attention. It was said that in recent times 10 thousand people have been arrested in the business and drug trafficking. The number is alarming. It says clearly that there is a rise and a dangerous increase of people engaged in this illegal act. Another worrisome figure is the one that has to do with the quantity of drugs captured in the different raids, which are in continuous ascent: 83 tons so far this year.

The first and second figures say that Ecuador seems to be moving from being a transit country to becoming something that goes beyond that. Read Article

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