Expat’s Audacious Move to Belize

Posted on December 28, 2015 • Filed under: Belize, Latin America Travel

qz.com reported…. Belize sat as a tiny nation of 350,000 people—roughly the population of Tampa, Florida—nestled on the Yucatán peninsula. “A thumb,” Christine said, laughing, “sticking it to the butt of the world.” As a former British colony, Belize was the only English-speaking nation in Latin America. It became sovereign in 1981, though it still remained part of Queen Elizabeth II’s vast commonwealth.

The country boasted a clambake of residents: descendants of slaves turned citizens, visitors turned immigrants—Kriol, Mayan, Mestizo, Mennonite German, Indian, Canadian expatriate—all now “Belizean.” It’s the place anti-virus software tycoon John McAfee disappeared to before bolting when he became a “person of interest” in a murder. As of December 2011, more than 420 US retirees receiving Social Security benefits lived in Belize; by last December it was 490. Read Article

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