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Serving incoming and outgoing Ecuador Expats Since 2008~

We are a based in Quito / Cumbaya (Near UIO Int. Airport) A full-service relocation
firm for singles, couples, families, and businesses thinking of moving to
or from any area or part of the Republic of Ecuador.

We have the experience, know how, and team of
professionals to provide the help you need for a smooth move.

Relocating to Ecuador, or any other foreign country, is not just a change of location.
It is lifestyle change, you may just want to consider doing one or more of our
Introductory / Exploratory Tours to any and all regions of Ecuador Beforehand.

Welcome to Ecuador! I arrived on September 17th, 2008. Cumbaya is in the Eastern Valley Suburb of Quito, just a few minutes South of the Equator, at 7,200 ft. Elv. in the heart of the Andes Mountains, where the weather is mid to High 50’s F. in the evening, and mid to High 70’s during the day all year round.

With a Year round growing Season! Valley of Eternal Springtime! If you are thinking of relocating to any area of Ecuador we can help get it done for you. If you are looking for an introduction and a guide to living here that knows all corners and aspects of Ecuador, we can help. We can make sure you have an unforgettable and customized trip planned for your specific needs in Ecuador. 100’s of References happily provided upon request.


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Cumbaya, Quito- ECUADOR S.A.

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Ec. Off: 02-380-4088, Ec. Cel Claro: 098-828-8953,

Whatsapp: 593-98-828-8953,
Talk free on “skype” user name: “Jack.Abercrombie”
(In Emergency) call Iridium Satellite Phone
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{Comprehensive Introductory / Exploratory Tours Custom Fitted to your Relocation wants and needs with Pre-Trip Planning, Reservations,
Expats & Locals Meet Ups, Rentals / Realty, Survival Spanish, Intro to EC Customs & Culture, Translator, Shopping, Vip Transport….

(the following would come later if you decide EC is for you)> Immigration, Residency Visas, Import / Export- Pets, Air Cargo,
Vehicle & Home Inspections, Marriage Registration, Dual Citizenship, Dual Passports, Document Translations, Insurance,
Healthcare, Law / Tax, Banking, Farm Land, Property & Site Management, Sea Container Shipping & Logistics, Security & Safety
Measures, Finding Missing Persons In EC., Skype Video Or Toll Free Tel. Consultations}


Ecuador: Professional Relocation Services, Journeyman Jack

Sponsored page/post Serving incoming and outgoing Ecuador Expats Since 2008~ We are a based in Quito (Near UIO Int. Airport) A full-service relocation firm for singles, couples, families, and businesses thinking of moving to or from any area or part of the Republic of Ecuador. We have the experience, know how, and team of professionals […]

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Guayas Province Ecuador: Tourist Dies in Jump from Waterfall( VIDEO)

July 14, 2018 One person died during the recording of a music video by the Ecuadorian artist Don Day. The victim, according to witnesses, was a tourist who had nothing to do with production. The production team attended the Saturday morning of July 14 to the Laguna Salto de Oro resort in the Pedro […]

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Ecuador: Public Transport Safety, How to avoid a kidnap express

PUBLIC TRANSPORT SECURITY SAFETY ISSUES IN ECUADOR GOV.UK – fco Transport safety There has been an increase in robberies on interstate transport and at bus stations, especially Quito, Baños and Latacunga tourist towns. Most incidents took place at night. Where possible you should avoid travelling by road after dark. Cases involving British nationals have been […]

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Ecuador: Bus Driver Fired After Video Goes Viral After Checking Cell Phone While Driving (Video)

BUS DRIVER FIRED AFTER CHECKING CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING- VIDEO GOES VIRAL Most anyone who has used long distance buses in Ecuador have viewed unsafe driving practices by drivers. Here is a case where a driver was held accountable for placing his passengers at risk of injury or death. A bus driver with the Cooperativa […]

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Ecuador postpones six months new health insurance requirement for foreign visitors and tourists (machine translated) The requirement of hiring health insurance for visitors to Ecuador was postponed for six months Travel Writing (I) The obligation of private or public health insurance for foreign tourists entering Ecuador will not be effective as of tomorrow, February 1, 2018, but will take effect in six months. Through an official communiqué […]

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Travel to Ecuador: Tourists, travelers required to show proof of health insurance to enter country

UPDATE TO STORY – EVIDENTLY ECUADOR has now postponed for six months  required health insurance to travel or visit in Ecuador for foreingners. Read Updated Story   / Evidently Ecuador has now postponed the According to, travelers to Ecuador, including tourists, will be required to have public or private health insurance, starting February 1, […]

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Ecuador: Kayaker from Ireland dead after flash flood

19 YEARL OLD IRISHMAN DIES IN KAYAKING MISHAP AFTER FLASHFLOOD / Alex McGourty, from Sligo, has been described by friends as an “absolute gentleman” and an “outstanding young man” who had “the world at his feet”. Mr McGourty died after getting into difficulty following a flash flood in the river Abanico, in the south […]

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Galapagos, Islands Ecuador: Lost U.S. Tourist Found Safe Via 911 Service

81 YEAR OLD TOURIST FROM U.S. FOUND SAFE, DEHYDRATED Lost tourist in Santa Cruz was located by coordination of the 911 ECU At around 4:43 pm on Saturday, January 13, a US citizen contacted the 9-1-1 emergency line to report that she was missing in the El Chato sector, on the upper part of Santa […]

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Ecuador: Paradise for Birders

Ecuador Travel Doug Hansen / San Diego Tribune In 1998, a small group of bird-watchers in Ecuador stared intently as a diminutive bird darted along the ground. They soon realized they had discovered a Jocotoco antipitta, which was thought to be extinct. The fact that this species was alive and well in Tapichalaca’s cloud forest […]

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Ecuador: Tourists can now obtain additional ninety days on tourist visa, additional fee From December 1, 2017, foreign citizens will be able to access an extension of stay for three months. According to information disseminated by the Ministry of the Interior, interested parties may go to the offices of the Undersecretariat of Migration to initiate the respective procedure. The procedure can be carried out at any of […]

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Expats Recommend Book for Those Moving to or Living in Ecuador

Ecuador continues to be a popular living and retirement destination for many from the United States and Canada over the last ten years. It is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. However, moving and living there is much different than spending a few weeks as a tourist and then returning home. 100 […]

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Reasons to Visit Quito, Ecuador in 2018

New reasons to love Latin America’s best preserved colonial city. CNTRAVELER.COM – Cloud-high in the Andes and hemmed in by the snow-capped peaks of two active volcanoes, few cities have as dramatic a setting as Quito. The Ecuadorian capital’s 16th-century Centro Histórico (Old Town) is not only the largest and best-preserved colonial center in Latin America, […]

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Ecuador: Ancient Inca Road System, World Heritage Site, has few visitors

ELCOMERCIO.COM   Qhapaq Ñan, the ancient Andean road system, was declared a World Heritage Site in 2014. But despite that declaration, few people visit it. One of the best-preserved parts of Qhapaq Ñan in Ecuador is in Chimborazo Province. Along a 15-kilometer stretch, you can see stone walls, lagoons and páramo vegetation. Visitors can horseback ride, […]

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GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: Be Prepared for Tourist Checks in 2018

ELUNIVERSO.COM / {machine translated} Galápagos will reinforce tourist checks next year to prevent them from staying or staying for more than the stipulated time. The controls will involve requiring national and foreign visitors to show their roundtrip air tickets and have reservations of the places where they will stay. The president of the Government Council […]

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Latacunga, Ecuador: Mama Negra Festival not to be missed (video)

Ecuador’s Colorful Past Comes to Life in Mama Negra Festival / Standing under the shadow of the volcano, Cotopaxi, the city of Latacunga fills the streets celebrating 300 years of tradition in its largest and oldest festival. The Festival of Mama Negra is one of the oldest in the city of Latacunga and traces […]

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Guayaquil International Airport to Suspend Some Flight Operations Nov. 25, and Dec. 2, 2017

Event/Alert – flight operations in Guayaquil, Ecuador / alert – Guayaquil’s José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (GYE) will suspend operations between 08:00 (local time) and 17:00 on Saturday, November 25, and Saturday, December 2, in order to perform runway maintenance. Only helicopter operations will be permitted during these maintenance times. Flight disruptions may […]

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Banos, Ecuador: Do you have the guts to walk across this bridge? I don’t


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Ecuador: Cautionary tale of professional thieves targeting passengers on interprovincial buses

Despite all the security measures that have been put in place, travel on inter-provincial or long haul buses have security risks. Awareness is mandatory at all times including while getting on or off of a bus. The following story is an unedited version of a recent experience of an expat in Ecuador taking a trip […]

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Ecuador: “Flowing River Resort”, located high in the Andes mountains, quiet serenity

HOLISTIC HEALING IN THE HEART OF ECUADOR   Spiritual healing and a blissful getaway await you in the exotic highlands of Ecuador. Our location stands as a restorative haven tucked away in the roots of the beautiful Andes Mountains. The Flowing River Resort is a riverside refuge for those seeking the relaxation and recreation necessary to invigorate the […]

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TAME Flight suspended, Quito – New York due to unscheduled maintenance / A group of passengers who planned to fly from Quito to New York in Tame complained Sunday morning about the suspension of the operation. “Solution”, “Solution”, shouted passengers in the hall of the airport Mariscal Sucre, in Tababela. Travelers were due to depart on the EQ550 flight scheduled for 01:20 this Sunday, bound […]

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Ecuador: Real Estate Tours in Southern Ecuador

Welcome to the Southern Ecuador Real Estate Tour! Is Ecuador on your radar as a place to live, invest, or purchase a second home? Whether you are looking for a healthier more tranquil lifestyle, to be closer to your food and water supply, or for the next hot South American investment opportunity – Ecuador has […]

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Sangay National Park, Ecuador: Six Hikers Missing / Search and rescue teams are looking for six hikers who have not been heard from in nearly a week.  They are believed to be somewhere in Sangay National Park. Specifically they were to be in the area known as Laguna Negra de Palitahua. Last contact with the group was on August 8.  Several […]

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Travel Ecuador: Galapagos Islands

By LAWSON LAU/ Six hundred miles off the Ecuadorian coast in South America are the Galapagos Islands, an archipelago of volcanic islets bathed in equatorial warmth emerging from the enormous expanse that is the Pacific Ocean. What scientific mysteries are harbored in this land closely linked to Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution? My […]

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Professional Real Estate Services Salinas Ecuador: Re/Max Pioneer Realty

Pioneer Realty is a bi-lingual, full-service real estate sales, rental, management and relocation consulting company located in Salinas, Ecuador. We are incorporated in Ecuador and are fully licensed according to Ecuadorian law. Pioneer Realty serves our broad ex-pat community as well as our Ecuadorian neighbors. Our services and real estate emphasis are on the purchase, […]

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Professional Ecuador Relocation Services: Journeyman Jack

Sponsored page/post Serving incoming and outgoing Ecuador Expats Since 2008~ We are a based in Quito (Near UIO Int. Airport) A full-service relocation firm for singles, couples, families, and businesses thinking of moving to or from any area or part of the Republic of Ecuador. We have the experience, know how, and team of professionals […]

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Travel to Quito Ecuador and environs

NEWS-GAZETTE.COM / LAWSON LAU / While in bed on our first night, however, we had an unscheduled experience. We awoke when we felt the earth move: the ever so brief but distinct tremor of an earthquake. We were on the ninth floor of the Best Western hotel. At 9,000 feet above sea level, Quito is […]

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Ecuador: Middle of the World monument in wrong place

Hugh Morris 9 August 2017 • 1:23pm Noteworthy geographical points have long been a motivation for travel – from Land’s End at the northern tip of mainland Britain to Four Corners in the US, where the borders of a quartet of states meet – but how many visitors know that they are often of […]

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Anger against tourist posting pictures on social networks, touching animals on Galapagos Islands

METRO ECUADOR (MACHINE TRANSLATED) Anger on social networks for tourist who touched and kissed animals in Galápagos displaying pictures on instagram. In the account in Instagram of the tourist @welcomadventure have been published the images that have indignado to users of the networks in Ecuador. Through the social networks have circulated photographs of a Russian […]

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Ecuador: LATAM Airlines to begin new rates for domestic flights reoprted (machine translated) Latam Airlines, Latin America’s largest airline business, lists its new rates for domestic flights in Ecuador. This model was announced last year in Chile – seat of the airline – was the first country where it was applied . The new scheme of Latam is to offer options of passages between […]

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Puembo, Ecuador: Video Shows Hit and Run Accident of Moped Driver

Riding around with Journeyman Jack in Puembo, Ecuador near the Quito airport Dashcam Footage Hit & Run SUN 25 JUL17 Puembo, Ecuador, a taxi zooms by Jack, and then a black SUV with no license plates zooms around Journeyman Jack’s vehicle, driving at imprudent speed in a secondary neighborhood road. The driver of the SUV […]

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Galapagos Islands Ecuador: Land Based options for tourism

NYTIMES.COM / The Galápagos Islands, with their gorgeous scenery, unparalleled and rare wildlife unafraid of humans, and paramount historical and scientific importance, were once a place you saved for years to see, a splurge that made a ski trip to Aspen look positively cheap in comparison. The only way to visit was by cruise ship, […]

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Ecuador: Customs Initiates new baggage control system at international airports reported Ecuador’s customs service began using a new baggage control system today. The goal of the new system is to optimize the experience of passengers who arrive in Ecuador, and hopefully reduce the waiting time for luggage checks/inspections in customs. Quito’s airport provided a demonstration today. The passenger’s passport is scanned to determine the […]

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Ecuador: One of last remaining dry forests faces threats / On the outskirts of Ecuador’s port city of Guayaquil lies the Cerro Blanco reserve, one of the last remaining dry forests in the country. Dry forests are named as such due to the ability of the vegetation to survive long periods without rain, using natural water conservation methods. Cerro Blanco is threatened by […]

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Baños Ecuador: Man dies in bungee jumping accident (machine translated) At approximately 1:00 pm today an accident was reported on the San Francisco Bridge in Baños de Agua Santa . Supposedly a young man of 23 years of age was practicing Bungee Jumping and the moment of launching of the bridge the rope was very long, reason why it was hit in […]

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Galapagos Islands: Sharkiest Place on the Planet

Monitoring sharks in the mid-Pacific: a journey to the sharkiest place in the world Posted by Florencia Cerutti of Charles Darwin Research Station in Sciencetelling Stories on June 9, 2017 The Darwin Arch. Credit: Patricia Marti Puig/Charles Darwin Foundation A long-dreamed opportunity for any biologist, I finally found my way to the Galápagos Islands […]

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Galapagos Islands: Catamaran Yacht Sinks, 24 people rescued reported that twenty-four people were rescued from a catamaran yacht that sank in the Galápagos. 15 passengers and 9 crew members from the Queen of Galápagos are reported to be safe and in good health. The event unfolded at on Friday June 9th, 2017 at 01:55 in the morning, the vessel had an emergency […]

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Cajas National Park Ecuador, Tips for a Daytrip

Kelly Mitchell / Cajas National Park is a MUST if you are travelling Cuenca or the southern provinces of Ecuador. For me Cajas is a mystical land full of geological mystery. Every time I arrive to Cajas I feel like I’m in a land that could be Narnia. Really, you won’t see anything else like […]

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La Ronda in Quito Ecuador, one street not to be missed

On my first visit to Quito in 1980, a friend told me about an ancient street in the historic section of the city that once was inhabited by Incans and through time evolved into serving many purposes including a hideaway for artists and poets. It also eventually would become rundown with the tawdry side of […]

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Ecuador focuses on trying to attract 2.9 million annual tourists by 2025 (MACHINE TRANSLATED) reported the Government’s goal is very high, expects that by the year 2025, some 2.9 million tourists will arrive in Ecuador. But the hotelier and former president of the Salinas Chamber of Tourism, Otón Arboleda told EXPRESO that in order to achieve that goal it is necessary to make an inventory of […]

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Quito Ecuador (Beautiful Vistas via Drone)


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Ecuador: The harpy eagle is a strong symbol of the indigenous waoranis

Intercultural / (machine translated) The eagle harpy, bird symbol of the waoranis The ‘Kenguiwe’ is still revered and admired. This great flight was always venerated by its cunning, its strength, its beauty and intelligence. The stories made by Manuela Omari Ima Omene in ‘Saberes Waorani and Yasuní National Park: Plants, Health and Welfare in […]

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Ecuador: Train to Ibarra adjusts route due to track damage from rains

ECUADOR TOURIST TRAIN RAILROAD TRACK DAMAGED BY RAINS reported that the railroad line from Otavalo to Ibarra has been damaged due to heavy rain last week. Ground areas and a sewer line underneath the rail line collapsed. This has caused tourist operations to take passengers by bus from Otavalo to the San Roque station. […]

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Ecuador: TAME flights Guayaquil-Cuenca suspended for 60 days (machine translated) reported the governor of Azuay, Maria Augusta Muñoz, confirmed Thursday in an interview with La Voz del Tomebamba radio that the suspension of the route Guayaquil-Cuenca-Guayaquil, decided by TAME EP from April 17, will be for 60 days. The announcement was made, he said, following a conversation he had with TAME management. […]

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Dynamic Airways launches new daily route between New York and Guayaquil Ecuador

Dynamic Airways launches new daily route between New York and Guayaquil LOW COST AIRLINE Dynamic International Airways, a low-cost airline dedicated to providing travelers with convenient, affordable and uninterrupted travel routes, announced the launch of a new air route between JFK airport in New York and Guayaquil in Ecuador. Dynamic International Airways, which plans […]

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Mariscal Sucre Airport Quito, Ecuador announced flight suspensions, maintenance reported operations at Mariscal Sucre Airport will be suspended on Sunday April 16th and SUN April 23rd due to scheduled maintenance. The suspension of operations will be from 01:00 to 05:00 and from 08:00 to 14:00 on those two days. The maintenance is preventative in nature. Check with your airline if you have a […]

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Castles in Quito Ecuador at risk of vanishing Jim Wyss reported for more than 80 years, this Andean capital has been guarded by a strange array of kitschy castles — brimming with turrets and towers, spires and faux drawbridges, Moorish cupolas and sweeping staircases. In a city internationally renowned for its colonial architecture (its historic center has been a United Nations World […]

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Few if any bus tickets remain from the Sierra to the Costa for Carnival weekend Isabel Alarcón Two days after the start of the Carnival holiday , the night of this Wednesday, February 22, 2017, some bus companies have already completed bus fares for destinations on the Ecuadorian coast. Up to the Terrestrial Terminal of Quitumbe tonight some travelers arrived trying to get a ticket to travel on Friday […]

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Some Common Questions about Visiting the Galapagos Islands Ecuador,Manuel Patino/Some of the common questions that we received from people around the globe when they want to come to Galapagos Islands. We hope to help you answer the questions of your customers. Because there are many questions, we split them into three posts. These are the first group of questions: 1. From where can […]

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Cuenca Ecuador: Nearly 500 year old street reopens after being closed for 50 years

SPEAK LIKE AN ECUADORIAN – READ THE BOOK – SPANISH SLANG ECUADOR reported the small artery is located in the historical center. There are still pending work to be done by the Municipality of the city. Regional Writing South The reopening of Santa Ana Street in Cuenca was not attended by the municipal authorities. […]

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Ecuador: Ten Cities to Explore in the Emerald of the Andes

Chloe Hay/THECULTURETRIP.COM Quito The capital city of this country of a million landscapes, Quito is situated at 2850 meters above sea level in the central north of Ecuador. With a population exceeding 1.6 million and a history rich in Incan heritage, Quito has the best of both the modern and the traditional worlds. Rich in […]

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San Antonio de Ibarra Ecuador: Small Hamlet Dedicated to Wood Carvings reported: San Antonio de Ibarra is a small hamlet located just west of Ibarra in Imbabura. The Province is well known for its wood carvings and furniture making. It is best known for their religious carvings and there are as many as a thousand artisans. Also, there are three goldsmith shops in San Antonio. […]

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El Pedregal Ecuador close to Quito: Sweeping Landscapes for those searching tranquility

El Pedregal is located 52 kilometers from Quito, in the foothills of the Rumiñahui Volcano. This community has received recommendations from international media outlets including. Hacienda El Porvenir, Santa Rita and El Tambo formed a tourist group called Tierra del Volcán which originated in 1999 and employs people from nearby communities including Güitig (famed for […]

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Recommended things to do in Ecuador

By: Doug Wallace/For Metro Published on Thu Jan 26 2017 With four distinct eco-systems, Ecuador is more than just a jumping-off point for the Galapagos. Exploring the interior delivers Andes mountain magic and Amazon jungle surprises. You can visit Ecuador all year round. January to May are the warmest months, but also the wettest. June […]

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Ten Things To Do In Quito Ecuador

Ten Things To Do In Quito Ecuador Brendan O’Boyle Ecuador has embarked on a strategic campaign to draw international visitors, spending a record $60 million on tourism in 2014. Rising from the remains of the Inca empire, with a newly opened airport and a subway in the works, Ecuador’s capital blends colonial history, Andean […]

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Ten Foods You Should Try In Ecuador

These are our 10 favorite famous foods of Ecuador not to miss. NOMADIC BOYS.COM 1. LLAPINGACHOS: fried stuffed potato patties Llapingachos are one of Ecuador’s most famous dishes. They are fried potato omelettes stuffed with cheese, cooked on a hot griddle until crispy and commonly served with a fried egg, avocado, meat and peanut sauce. […]

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20 Cruise Ships to Call on Ports in Ecuador during 2017 reported 20 cruise ships will arrive to Ecuadorian ports during this year. These calls will mean the visit of 19 thousand passengers and 3 thousand crew, according to the Ministry of Tourism of that country (Mintur). The arrival of visitors will be an important stimulus to the tourism sector, as they are expected to […]

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Colimes Guayas Ecuador little know area for the flowering Guayacanes trees

Flourishing of Guayacanes is also enjoyed in Colimes, Guayas It is a spectacle of nature, reaches the 11 hectares of forest and lasts between 10 and 15 days: the “Florecimiento de los Guayacanes”, a natural spectacle that can be enjoyed in Colimes, a canton of the province of Guayas, located 90 kilometers from the city […]

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Intense rains, flooding, heat across Ecuador, Rainy Season Here

Heavy rainfall that has caused floods in the Amazon , sporadic rains in the mountains or very hot days on the coast. Those are the characteristics of the rainy season, which has just begun in the country. This weekend, the populations of Francisco de Orellana (province of Orellana) and Napo were flooded. The military, according […]

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Pucara de Rumicucho, Incan Stone Fortress north of Quito Ecuador

Pucara de Rumicucho Is More than just an Incan Stone Fortress McDermott reported the ruins of the Pucará de Rumicucho are well-preserved walls of an Pre-hispanic, Incan fortress. They are located a one hour drive north of Quito, Ecuador. The fortress was built in the end of the 15th century by Tupac Yupanqui, the […]

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History of Laguna Yahuarcocha, Ecuador Hill reported Laguna Yahuarcocha, meaning blood lake in the Kichwa language, is a sacred lake of Ecuador. Looking across the still water in the picturesque region of Ibarra, it is hard to imagine that it was once the scene of a bloody massacre, a consequence of indigenous resistance against Inca domination. Laguna Yahuarcocha, also […]

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Cuenca Ecuador: City is preserving landmarks of its ancesetral beginnings / Giovany Estudillo / Cuenca is based on the Cañari cities of Guapondelig and Inca of Tumipampa . Its original layout evoked the figure of a cougar . This contribution was published in the book ‘Guapondelik / Tumipampa / Cuenca, Cultural Footprints and Territorial Transformation’. This study reflects the conception of the organization of […]

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Ecuador: Ten Places to visit along the coast

Ben Westwood/ reported Santa Elena and Salinas Just outside provincial capital Santa Elena is Museo Los Amantes de Sumpa. Around 200 skeletons were unearthed at this site in the 1970s, including the “Lovers of Sumpa”, a man and a woman found in an 8,000-year-old embrace. There’s no bigger contrast between old and new than the […]

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Ecuador: New Law Changes Day Some Holidays Fall On through 2020 reported the National Assembly passed the new Law on Public Holidays which provides, inter alia, the transfer of the holidays that coincide with a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) or a weekday (Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday) to Monday or Friday. The law will apply to the Christmas break and end of 2016. So this year, […]

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Ecuador: List of Mandatory National Holidays reported the national assembly approved a measure regulating the number of mandatory holidays each year. The legislation provides for 11 days off across the country and one day off in each province or canton. So a total of 12 holidays a year. The vote was 84 in favor, two against and 25 abstentions. December […]

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Yunguilla community near Quito not to be missed for experience with nature reported Yunguilla (Yungilla) is a cloud forest in an area located northwest of Quito. Formerly known as an area for coal mining, it is now famous for its eco-tourism. Fifty families manage nature walks in the area and they have become protectors of the wildlife. Some families receive tourists as guests in their homes. […]

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Galapagos Islands Ecuador: Missing Tourist Found Dead

TOURIST VACATIONING IN THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS FOUND DEAD reported that 62-year-old Othmar Lauber went missing last week on San Cristobal Island. The deceased was located in an area known as Las Negritas *Cerro Las Negritas) Authorities have not determined the cause of death. Mr. Lauber from Switzerland was visiting the Galapagos Islands with a […]

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Quito Ecuador: Center Historic Area Losing Population

In the Plaza de San Francisco, where the church and convent of the same name stand, fences have blocked off the construction site for the Quito subway for months, as work has been stalled while archaeological finds are assessed. Quito’s historic centre is the biggest in Latin America. QUITO, Nov 30 2016 (IPS) author- Mario […]

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Ecuador at level II alert for Zika Virus transmission per CDC

CDC.GOV – Alert – Level 2, Practice Enhanced Precautions – ECUADOR ZIKA VIRUS Note: This travel notice was updated on October 17, 2016, to include updated guidance for people planning to conceive and guidance to prevent sexual transmission of Zika. Public health officials have reported that mosquitoes in Ecuador are infected with Zika virus and […]

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Ecuador: Plan for next week’s holiday period, longest of the year reported Ecuador next week will experience the longest holiday of the year. El Día de los Difuntos (miércoles 2 (Wednesday, 2), the celebrations for the independence of Cuenca (Thursday, 3), the bridge holiday ( puente vacacional) (Friday, 4) and the weekend are the holiday of five days. THE UNIVERSE Journal consulted experts in the […]

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MINDO ECUADOR: Expats from the U.S., victims of Home Invasion

MINDO CLOUD FOREST ECUADOR – TWO EXPATS FROM KANSAS VICTIMS OF HOME INVASION This event took place on October 16, 2016, in Mindo Ecuador. The victim Gary Schlitz is a partner in the Mindo Clourdforest Foundation. The other victim is Mr. Schlitz’s wife Karen Holmes Schliltz. Neither party reported as physically harmed. FROM VICTIM – […]

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Ecuador: Risk still persists for interprovincial bus travel from robberies


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Ecuador: Three Beaches popular with Ecuadorians and Expats / With most of the population of Ecuador living in the highlands, and given the scenic beauty of the Andes, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the country also offers long stretches of amazing Pacific coastline. And with its hundreds of miles of sandy beaches, all in a great climate for enjoying the sun […]

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Ecuador Insider Podcast: Guest Author Speaks about Ecuador

In this podcast episode Jesse and Darnell of Abundant Living Ecuador speak with Nicholas Crowder, author of several books on Ecuador and he gives his perspective, tips and advice for expats already living in or considering Ecuador. Enjoy! LINK TO PODCAST INTERVIEW at Complete services for those moving to Ecuador / LOGISTICS, REAL ESTATE, […]

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ALERT: Scam against expat in Cuenca Ecuador

From an Expat group in Ecuador. Name of victim from post has been removed. Scam Alert-Cuenca: CUENCA ECUADOR I went to the Pichincha cash machine on Mariscal Sucre and Borrero on Saturday. Pichincha is my bank and I know how to use the cash machines there. In this locale, there are 2 ATM’s. There was […]

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Island Estates International, Real Estate Sales/Rentals in Salinas Ecuador

Island Estates International Salinas Ecuador   Island Estates International Kimberly Kagan, Managing Director Home New! Residential Listings Lots & Land Commercial Listings Rental List Contact PH: (312) 985-7703 DIRECT: Ecuador 098.621.2688 Our Listings Featured Properties VIP Home Finder Local Area Info Meet Our Agents Contact Me Licensed In the U.S. and Ecuador Welcome to Island […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: 30 cases a month reported of assaults with Scopolamine, other tranquilizers

Tranquilizers, escopalmine along with other tranquilizers being used by criminals in order to rob the victims of personal items along with cash. Most attacks happen in bars, discos. Escopalmine is also referred to as Burundanga/ The most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath’ chemical from Colombia can block free will, wipe memory and even […]

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Guayaquil Ecuador: Armed Assailants against tourists taken into custody Feb. 28, 2016 reported Near the tourist sector of Cerro Santa Ana, at 00:55 Saturday were apprehended by the support group District 9 October, three suspects and isolated a minor, the, alleged crime against property. Carlos Alfredo AC, Darío Javier BP, and Luis Alberto MM, today court orders were located and apprehended in the […]

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Ecuador: Increased Seismic Activity at Tungurahua Volcano

AFP/ reported… The Geophysical Institute of Ecuador reported on Sunday increased seismic activity inside the volcano Tungurahua, in the Andean center of the country, and estimated a possible reactivation of the colossus within “immediate short”. “Since September 24 at 14h00 (local time) has it registered a further increase in internal seismic activity of the volcano […]

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Ecuador: Heavy rains, flooding in Orellana Province, landslides, road closures

ELCOMERCIO.COM reported that heavy rains in the province has caused flooding, landslides and road closures. Some evacuations have been required of residents from their homes. Only one lane of the Baeza-Tena road is currently open due to a landslide. Heavy rains in the province of Orellana, recorded since Monday 19 September, caused landslides at km […]

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An Expat that likes to visit Guayaquil, Ecuador Once again, Rita and I have defied the odds, and managed to visit Guayaquil without a major crime event. We are constantly warned by expats and some Ecuadorians alike that it is a very dangerous city, with a whole list of “nevers” – never take a cab, never walk more than a block or […]

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Ecuador: Rains Return to Loja, Cuenca, Central Sierra reported…Cuenca / Loja / Ambato.- The center of Loja was affected by rain on Wednesday night. Until yesterday afternoon, Mayor Bolívar Castillo and staff of different municipal departments assessed the damage caused by the torrential downpour that lasted about four hours. The Gonzanamá street where urban regeneration works are carried out, was the most […]

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Cuenca-Molleturo via Ecuador: Bus plunges 150 meters killing 4, injuring 13

Musical Group on Board Bus – 2 women, 2 men killed reported In the accident that occurred on the road E582 Cuenca-Molleturo 4 people were killed and 13 wounded, according to the latest report of the Security Service Integrated ECU 911 it had previously been reported 5 deaths. At 05:10 on Wednesday 14 September […]

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Why Quito Ecuador and environs is prone to earthquakes / Just like Chile, Peru and Colombia, Ecuador is a subduction zone, meaning earthquakes occur inland. Quito’s earthquakes are the result of a system of fault lines which go from the south of Quito to San Antonio de Pichincha—about 37 miles long, explained Alexandra Alvarado, director of the Ecuador Geophysical Institute. “Quito’s fault line […]

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Cuenca Ecuador Airport resumes flights on 9-14-2016 after resurfacing reported that tomorrow will resume operations at the Mariscal Lamar Airport, once ended last Friday emergency work to resurface the runway. In the case of TAME flights to Guayaquil and Quito will resume at the same frequencies that remained until closing the airport on August 19, said Paul Street, Director of the Business Unit […]

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Ecuador: The Saraguro clothing evolves / The predominant colors in Saraguro dress is black and white. The traditional material of her outfit is lambswool yarn. A full suit can cost between 700 and 1,000 dollars. Thus, the attire of the Saraguros is a display of elegance and cultural significance. The saraguro people, Kichwa indigenous nationality, marks its presence throughout […]

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Quito Ecuador pushing hard to increase tourism numbers

The Quito city government aims to raise the proportion of touristic activity in its economy and is working on a plan to boost conference tourism with better travel connections in order to increase tourism from 4.5 to 8 percent of the city’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2021. The municipal agency Quito Tourism, dedicated to […]

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Ecuador: Group to assist in saving snakebite victims reported quick action can save the life of someone bitten by a poisonous snake, but in some remote areas of Ecuador it can take six to seven hours to get medical attention and that, unfortunately, can lead to amputation and even death. This Andean country, which imports snakebite serums from countries like Costa Rica […]

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Ecuador Travel: Petrified Forest of Puyango

ECUADOR TRAVEL The Petrified Forest Bosque Petrificado de Puyango Ecuador reported: In the humid forests of southwestern Ecuador, not far from the border with Peru, is a marvel of nature: the Petrified Forest of Puyango. Over the course of eons in the early days of the world, thousands of trees fell and were subsequently […]

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Crime in Ecuador’s Society (Analysis)

CRIME IN SOCIETY ECUATORIANA Science magazine Security and Defence Revista de Ciencias de Seguridad y Defensa (2016) Jorge Miño University of the Armed Forces – ESPE *machine translated from Spanish to English Summary The following article is an analysis of the evolution of Ecuadorian crime, Considering how the community unfolded a few decades ago and […]

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Firm ranks Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica in top ten countries to live for expats reported Ecuador, Mexico and Costa Rica are among the top 10 countries in the world to live abroad, the German firm “InterNations” a network to connect people who live and work outside their own countries he said. “Ecuador and Mexico dropped two positions compared to the 2016 survey; but they are still very popular […]

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Spanish Slang Ecuador

103 Ecuadorian Slang Words That Win Locals’ Hearts by Maureen Stimola, Quito Speak 1. Aniñado — Literally, this Spanish word means something akin to “infantile,” “childish” or “spoiled.” This meaning is not totally lost in the slang, as it refers to a wealthy person, usually one from a fancier neighborhood in Quito or Guayaquil. You’ll […]

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Ecuador: Number of Foreign Visitors down June, July compared to year earlier report the following statistics for foreigners arriving in Ecuador during June, July 2016. JUNE 2015      JUNE 2016 131,902            118,942 -9.8% JULY 2015     JULY 2016 154,448           143,764 -8.3% SUBTOTAL 2015 2016 286,350 262,706 -8.3% SOURCE: ANUARIOS DE MIGRACION INTERNACIONAL INEC INFORMACION PROVISIONAL THINKING OF LIVING IN ECUADOR? READ THIS BOOK […]

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Ecuador: Meet Jack Abercrombie, expat helping those arriving and assists those who decide to exit

Russ Reina/GRINGOTREE.COM / He was part of one of the early convoys trucking critical supplies to the earthquake zone after April 16, basically going wherever he was needed, responding moment-to-moment until June 6. Since then, he’s spent roughly 20 days at home and 10 days on the coast, dedicating his resources — with a little […]

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Book Explains many of the pitfalls, obstacles, challenges for expats in Ecuador

CURRENT EXPATS IN ECUADOR RECOMMEND THIS IS ONE BOOK THAT SHOULD BE READ BY ANYONE MOVING TO ECUADOR “100 POINTS TO CONSIDER BEFORE MOVING OR RETIRING IN ECUADOR” may be a book of interest to you if you are researching the possibilities in living in Ecuador. There are many publications that tout many of the […]

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Ecuador Travel: Price Guideline for Per diem Rates

U.S. State Department Per Diem Rates Ecuador REAL ESTATE ECUADOR Max. Lodging Meal/Incidental Expenses (M&IE) Total ECUADOR Cuenca 118, 84, , 202 ECUADOR Galapagos Islands 284, 131, 415 ECUADOR Guayaquil 173, 102, 275 ECUADOR Manta 108, 71, 179 ECUADOR Other 118, 84, 202 ECUADOR Quito 190, 107, 297 SOURCE: US STATE DEPARTMENT SAFETY, SECURITY, HEALTH […]

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Ecuador: Hotel Occupancies fall 13 percent

july 2016 reported Ecuador reported decreases across the three key performance metrics. The country’s occupancy fell 13.0% to 59.4%; ADR was down 6.8% to US$97.20; and RevPAR dropped 18.9% to US$57.76. According to STR analysts, Ecuador’s economy is heavily dependent on the oil industry. With crude oil prices down, and Ecuador being the only […]

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Ecuador: Crime Statistics 2016, Carchi, Loja safetest provinces in the country reported the report of the Department of Information Analysis and Public Safety (Daisc) notes that Loja recorded favorable indicators, which is considered one of the safest provinces of Ecuador. In the first half of this year it dropped to 43% robberies homes. That is, muggings 184 less than in 2015 when there were 428 […]

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Cuenca Airport Closed until September 19, 2016, runway repairs

Since 05:00 yesterday contingency plan for the transfer of passenger vans to Guayaquil and Quito by the closure of the airport of Cuenca, whose runway will be repaired activated. The first land transport unit came in the morning from the airport terminal to Guayaquil. And another was dispatched at noon. The Municipality of Cuenca said […]

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Ecuador: Two Austrian hikers and Ecuadorian missing, rescued off of Volcano reported that two Austrian trekkers and an Ecuadorian who were lost in the Rucu Pichincha volcano, Quito, Ecuador, were rescued in good health, reported Sunday the 911 ECU. Near midnight on Saturday, “the relief units managed to find the three missing, at the height of Arenal, between the Ruco Pichincha and Guagua Pichincha”, at […]

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