Ecuador: Crime Statistics 2016, Carchi, Loja safetest provinces in the country

Posted on August 25, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Ecuador Travel reported the report of the Department of Information Analysis and Public Safety (Daisc) notes that Loja recorded favorable indicators, which is considered one of the safest provinces of Ecuador. In the first half of this year it dropped to 43% robberies homes. That is, muggings 184 less than in 2015 when there were 428 cases. Theft people decreased from 108 offenses recorded last year to 62 crimes, robberies commercial premises from 77 to 40, theft of motorcycles 57-4 and vehicle theft 28-8. Colonel Juan Jaramillo Paredes, provincial police commander of Loja, provides training profiles to the municipal police. “The goal is to have knowledge about it and so locate suspects, reducing the number of crimes in the city and ensure the safety of citizens”.


The governor of the province, Johanna Ortiz highlighted the work done by the police in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Interior to protect the rights of the population. Carchi is among the safest provinces in the country, said State Attorney General, Galo Chiriboga. In the last three years the rate of homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in Carchi down the national average and well below the border provinces. For example, in 2015 it registered a homicide rate of 5.01, while the 15.57 Sucumbios and Esmeraldas 15.51. From January to August 1,582 crimes were recorded. The most recurrent are theft, psychological violence, intimidation, drug trafficking, smuggling and cattle rustling. Two specialized prosecutors are added to the Office of Carchi for the investigation of these crimes. In addition, the development of investigative procedures manuals, training and border control officials. Chiriboga recognized that the collaboration of the Colombian authorities, through training, exchange of information and joint actions, will allow reduce irregular activities in the shared border area. For the investigation and prosecution of crimes in Carchi, with 165,000 inhabitants, there are 14 tax distributed in 5 of the 6 cantons, the provincial prosecutor, Edwin Perez said. Manabi also shown in the map as the safest province, because it reflected a decline of 30% in 7 crimes of greater connotation and 15% in violent deaths, compared with the previous year. The offenses decreased are robbery economic units with 32%, on main roads 50% people 44%, bikes 27% home 13%, vegetables 15% and the removal of property, accessories and parts of vehicles 29%. “All indicators without exception reflect a positive trend and have downward trend. The 12 districts that belong to this territory have favorable behaviors, even beyond the operational capacity we had and continue serving with the supply of services in the areas affected by the earthquake, “said Colonel Fernando Vallejo, commander of the Manabi subzone. Read Article

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