Guayas, Ecuador: Ten Most Recurrent Crimes, Robbery on top of list

Posted on April 10, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

The ten most recurrent crimes in Guayas
At the top of the list is located the robbery with six modalities, mainly people. It emphasizes the psychological violence Vera /reported: (machine translated)
These are the ten crimes that concentrate 79% of the criminal incidence in the province of Guayas.

The payroll was presented by the provincial prosecutor Patricia Morejon, in the accountability that gave Friday afternoon on his management last year.

The list is headed, without great astonishment, the crime of robbery with 26,094 criminal news, which is equivalent to 32% of the ten most reported incidents from January to December 2016.

It is in all its modalities (within the range of theft). Six to be more exact, five of which have a downward index, compared to what was denounced in 2015.

“We ended the year (2016) with crime statistics down. Part of that result is due to the work carried out by our unit … “, emphasized the undercover head of the Guayas Intelligence Headquarters, at the end of last year.

Thus we have the robbery of people (unsurpassed leader of the top criminal) fell from 13,052 to 12,117 complaints in 2016. It followed the home theft with 3,670 complaints. Also listed are property theft and vehicle accessories, with 3,201 news items.


Unlike the other modalities, motorcycle theft went from 2,322 complaints in 2015 to 2,366. And the theft of vehicles was reduced to 1,802. And to economic units (banks, commercial premises, etc.) to 1,322.

In his speech, prosecutor Morejón highlighted the improvement of services in favor of the user and what is to come.

“There is a projected growth for nine more provinces for cantons where there is a high demand for the justice service, such as Durán, Daule, Milagro, Naranjito, Pedro Carbo and Playas.

He also noted that the Prosecutor’s Office of Guayas obtained 6,718 sentences in criminal matters, which exceeded 6,428 in 2015. 70% convictions.

And although the crime that is located in the second place concentrates 17 of the 79 percent of the highest incidence in Guayas, it is nonetheless worrying. These are violence against women or members of the family.

In 2016, the Prosecutor’s Office of Guayaquil received 13,574 cases. At the top were the crimes of psychological violence with 10,742 complaints and followed by physical violence with 844 criminal news. On a smaller scale, the attempts at femicide, which from 9 cases received in 2015 went to 21 last year. Five facts were denounced for sexual violence.

On the same day, most provincial prosecutors offered their accounts, after an open house that opened the public to expose the services offered by the institution and the investigative procedure. Read Article

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