La Paz Bolivia: Bizarre Case of Dead Woman Found Alive In Funeral Home

Posted on August 4, 2017 • Filed under: Bolivia, Crime

Woman was to be transported home. Instead,daughter and son-in-law had her taken to a funeral home to die. (machine translated) A 64-year-old woman was recovering Thursday at a La Paz hospital after police rescued her from a funeral home where her family had taken her after she was removed from hospital monitoring equipment .

One of the friends gave a part to the police when she realized that Carmen Pilar Chacón was still alive, even though she was lying on a table for the formolation of corpses.
“The friend cried and saw that Chacon also shed tears and denounced,” the deputy director of the anticrimen police, Colonel Douglas Uzquiano, told reporters on Thursday.
Chacón was admitted to the emergency unit of a public hospital in the Bolivian capital. Police arrested the daughter and son-in-law and seized the medical records of another hospital where Chacon had been treated previously, Uzquiano explained.
The woman had a brain tumor and her children had allowed doctors to disconnect her. Instead of taking her to her home, she was taken to the funeral home waiting for an outcome, Escarlet Ticona, the friend of the victim who reported the case to the police, told ATB television. The hospital is expected to give a medical part about Chacon on Thursday. Read Article
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