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Ecuador: Number of femicide cases up, women demand state of emergency – Women rights groups say that 2017 has been far more deadly for women than previous years and that an urgent action by the government is needed.

Women advocacy organizations in Ecuador are calling on the government to declare a state of emergency to confront acts of violence against women in the country in the wake of the recent killing of a 9-year-old girl in the southern city of Loja on Dec. 19.

Ana Vera, the spokesperson for the local collective “Vivas que Queremos”, told local news agency Andes Thursday that the spike in homicides in Ecuador warrant the declaration of a state of emergency in the face of systematic violence against women and girls.

The call for action comes after 9-year-old Emilia B. was found dead in a river after being missing for days. “Emilia was murdered because she is a woman, because she is a girl, and this is part of a social and cultural pattern that exists in society,” Vera said.

She further decried the slow reaction by authorities in such cases and said a declaration of a state of emergency would help fix such shortcomings.

“It is necessary to activate solid protection mechanisms, since the first 24 hours are vital to locate a person before a crime is committed against them, searches must therefore be immediate and concrete by state institutions.”

The declaration would also grant women rights groups more access to vulnerable women and girls in areas where femicides take place, where such organizations can carry out campaigns against violence, the women rights activist added.

Vera’s comments were echoed by Rocío Rosero, the representative of the Coalition of Women of Ecuador, who warned that those acts of violence against women cannot be treated as isolated events which would lead to ignoring the underlying problem and normalizing violence against women.


According to Rosero 137 femicides took place in Ecuador so far in 2017, including 21 girls and teenagers, compared to less than 100 the previous year, which “speaks of a high prevalence of sexual violence and femicide also against girls and adolescents.”

Therefore a government declaration of emergency is needed so that society is aware there is a problem that must be confronted collectively. “In these cases there must be clarification, truth and justice, guaranteeing systems of protection for the victims.”

Andrés de la Vega, Ecuadorian Deputy Minister of the Interior, was quoted by Andes as saying that to date there have been 101 femicides this year, less than the number reported by women rights groups, compared to 78 in 2016.

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Ecuador: Statistics regarding femicide include 77% attackers use knives, strangulation – According to a study of judicial sentences of femicides occurred in 2015, presented by the Ecumenical Commission on Human Rights (Cedhu), 56% of cases in the country occur during night or dawn when little surveillance. Attacks of the perpetrators occur with the same percentage (56%) inside the houses and 43% of other cases […]

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Honduras: Human Rights Groups Report number of murders of women up sharply reported Honduras is on “red alert” over the number of women being murdered, according to the country’s rights activists. Members of 20 different women’s groups have banded together to highlight the problem, saying at least 18 women were killed in the past two weeks. The organisations say out of 463 women murdered last year, […]

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Quito Ecuador: City wants to relocate sex workers from historic center

Daniel Romero/ (machine translated) – The Municipality has a new plan for the relocation of sex workers working in the Historic Center. The associations that represent them accepted the official proposal, but there is a problem: at least 10 neighborhoods oppose. In the dialogue tables, which since May 2017 coordinates the Ministry of Social Inclusion […]

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Nicaragua: National Assembly to reform law to combat gender-based violence

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK The National Assembly is promoting an initiative to partially reform Law 779, the Comprehensive Law Against Violence against Women, with the objective of guaranteeing the citizen, family and community security of all Nicaraguans. The initiative presented this Wednesday by the deputy Wilfredo Navarro, seeks the promotion […]

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Femicide in Latin America (Special Report) Femicide, the murder of a woman based on her gender in particular by a man, continues to plague Latin America. From Mexico to Argentina, femicides have skyrocketed only to be met with impunity at all levels of government. But resistance is growing. The epidemic of gender violence has united women of all races under […]

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Ecuador: A look at feminist history

In this op-ed, writer Bani Amor explains how Ecuador’s feminist past built its present and contributes to its future. In May of 1944, when fascism was a malignant threat around the world at the height of World War II, a young Ecuadorian feminist writer named Nela Martínez led a takeover of the Government Palace […]

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Quito Ecuador: New Text Service on Public Buses to report cases of Sexual Harassment reported the first mobile platform to report cases of harassment on the buses of the Quito transport system will operate will be presented this March 13. The initiative, called ‘Bájale al haroso’, is focused on gender equality and the progressive reduction of attacks on women in public space. The Patronato San José conceptualized this […]

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Ecuador: Women Domestics make labor inroads – On International Women’s Day, a small women workers’ association in Ecuador could inspire other domestic workers to organize for their rights. As women’s organizations around the world are set to march for International Women’s Day Wednesday, a women workers’ association in Ecuador stands as a pioneering example in the global fight for transformational […]

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Ecuador: Study Regarding Young Women’s Sexual, reproductive health and rights

Young women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Ecuador. HUVUDOMRÅDE: Nursing FÖRFATTARE: Evelina Persson & Linnéa Englund HANDLEDARE: Malin Lindroth JÖNKÖPING 2017 01 An empirical study Introduction The absence of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is the greatest health problem among women aged 15 – 44 in developing countries. Gender inequalities, lack […]

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Ecuador: More than half of violent crimes are acts of gender violence /In Ecuador today, more than half of all violent crimes committed nationally are acts of gender violence. According to the government, there were 80 femicides recorded in 2016. In the first four days of 2017, police recorded one femicide every 32 hours. The activists say they want to “break the silence.” According to the […]

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Ecuador: Nine Women Murdered result of domestic violence so far 2017

EXPRESO.EC Every day, an average of 45 complaints received by the Prosecutor’s Office of Guayas for intra-family violence, which has as its main protagonist the woman. A victim who – in the worst of scenarios – ends up being part of the femicide statistics. With eight days to the end of the first month of […]

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Ecuador: Six out of ten women have experienced violence REPORTED…Moni Pizani, of UN Women, acknowledged that much progress has been made in Ecuadory, but that there is still a way to go in the fight against this phenomenon, in which 6 out of 10 women have experienced some form of violence. He said that the statistical data to date do not reflect growth […]

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El Salvador: Women serving prison terms for abortions they said they never had Strochlic Inside the women’s prison in El Salvador, set on the outskirts of the capital in a dangerous neighborhood called Ilopango, at least 21 women are serving sentences for abortions they say they never had. All of these women claim they are jailed for miscarrying their babies. In the prison’s leafy courtyard, a petite […]

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Argentina: Women call for walk out in protest in brutal rape, murder of teenager

ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK reported activists in Argentina called for women across the country to walk out of work for an hour on Wednesday in protest over the horrific rape and murder of a teenage girl. Lucia Perez, 16, died earlier this month in the city of Mar del Plata. Two […]

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Ecuador: After earthquake, women break down stereotypes in recovery

In May, UN Women in Ecuador also organized a training workshop, “Tools for my personal and business development”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, which provided entrepreneurship skills to 80 women from the nearby Calceta and Rocafuerte communities. “The trainings showed us that we must not fear the crisis but seize the opportunity to […]

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Ecuador Statistics: More Women in Ecuador than Men

Quito, March 8 (Andes) .- There are more women than men in Ecuador, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) by the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8 every year. Until 2016, women 8’343.760 representing a 50.48% were recorded, while there 8’184.970 men, accounting for 49.52% of the […]

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Colombia: More than 5,000 pregnant women infected with Zika virus reported more than 5,000 pregnant Colombian women are infected with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, the country’s national health institute said on Saturday, as the disease continues its rapid spread across the Americas. Cases of the virus total 31,555, the institute said in a epidemiology bulletin, among them 5,013 pregnant women. Zika, which has spread […]

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Colombia: Long recovery of woman who was victim of acid attack Cosoy reported….At 35, Natalia Ponce de Leon is an expressive woman, with the vivid eyes of a person who once thought that she would lose her sight. Her mother’s home, where Natalia lives, is usually in half-light, because sunlight is not good for burns. She suffered them twice – serious ones. When she was […]

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Quintana Roo Mexico: String of women murdered minimized by authorities

27 Nov 2015 “A string of women have been killed in Mexico’s top holiday destination, but the authorities are trying their best to downplay the murders.” Quintana Roo is Mexico’s sunshine state, a booming tourists’ playground that draws record numbers of holidaymakers to its golden beaches, coral reefs and Mayan ruins. But, in recent […]

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Spanish Pick-Up Lines — Spanish Piropos

If you love and adore Latina women, this is the book for you. A unique aspect to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture is the use of flirtations and phrases by males for women. These are referred to as piropos. In English they may also referred to as pick-up lines. This book provides the reader […]

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Bolivia: Three routes identified for commercial sex trafficking reported a study by the Foundation ANAR (Help for Children and Adolescents at Risk) in Santa Cruz identified three routes of trafficking in women and sex trade, reported Radio Santa Cruz. “You have a small initial study identified three specific routes in Santa Cruz: the border with Argentina, the Brazilian border and the route […]

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Sex Trafficking Network Dismantled between Mexico and New York City

Security Agencies Mexico and EU dismantles women trafficking network operating from Tlaxcala; arrested eight people. The Attorney General’s Office broke up an international network of sexual exploitation, composed of 9 people operating in different states and New York City in the United States. The agency reported that the Attorney General of the Republic, Arely Gómez […]

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Colombia passes new law for those who commit acid attacks reported Colombia’s Senate has passed a law which will impose harsher sentences on people who have committed acid attacks. Anyone convicted of harming another with a chemical agent will now serve between 12 and 50 years in prison. In Colombia, an estimated 100 people per year are attacked with acid, but so far only […]

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Ecuador: one in six women have suffered physical, sexual, psychological violence reported in Ecuador, roughly one in six women have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence. To put it another way, 3 million Ecuadorians have counted themselves a victim of gender-based violence in their lifetime. According to the same Pan American Health Organization research, 38 percent of women in Ecuador have been physically abused, 26 […]

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Ecuador, Colombia: Sexual trafficking ring of underage girls dismantled reported the authorities of Colombia dismantled in Caqueta (south) and Nariño (southwest) a network dedicated to trafficking operating in the Colombian Pacific and Ecuador, reported today, November 23, 2015, police said. The organization moved by deception to Florence, capital of Caqueta department, to underage girls who promised to join the “Summer Girl” competition taking […]

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Ecuadorian Mother becomes a Chef, Continues On Despite Great Adversity – A Story of Tenacity

(Guayaquil Ecuador) Ecuadorian Mother becomes a Chef, Continues On Despite Great Adversity – A Story of Tenacity This is a story of heartbreak and disasters. However, it is also a story of a woman despite overwhelming odds against her has continued towards her dreams when most people would have given up long ago. I met […]

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Ecuador: With new law on books for femicide, 72 murders of women in 10 months reported from August 10, 2014, when it entered into force the new Criminal Code (COIP) until June, the Prosecutor reported 72 deaths of women due to gender. That is, each month there were seven crimes in the country. These types of murders are known as femicide. The first incorporated COIP that figure in Ecuadorian […]

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Ecuador is regional leader for gender equity in politics – The South American country is a regional leader for gender equity in politics. Ecuadorean lawmakers ratified Thursday three women to head up the country’s National Assembly, including Gabriela Rivadeneira from the leftist PAIS Alliance as President of the legislative body. “We seek to strengthen the public, and the capacity to decide our own […]

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Ecuador: Sex Workers Organize, want to be included in social security reported sex workers are looking to be incorporated in the social security system under the recently passed Law for Labor Justice and Social Security. Lourdes Torres has been working as a sex worker in Quito for the past 30 years. She was driven to create the Pro-Defense Association of Women after suffering abuse at […]

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The life of refugees in Quito Ecuador engage in sex work to survive (opinion) / Jennifer S. Rosenberg (opinion) reported in this vacuum, some refugee sex workers in Quito are referred to a local anti-trafficking organization that takes an explicit anti-prostitution position: Everyone who engages in sex work is presumed to be a victim of trafficking to some degree. The organization teaches them alternative ways to generate income, […]

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Many women lured to Ecuador with false promises, forced into prostitution reported the women were deceived by false promises. Caribbean native, traveled to find opportunities in Ecuador. You hopeful. Borrowed hundreds of dollars needed to obtain letters of invitation and undertake to pay airfare foreign funded by unknown men, Ecuadorians and. But the debt and the trip were his trap. On reaching the country, those […]

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Florida: Patrick Minga former expat living in Ecuador sentenced in sex trafficking case

On 06-25-2014, Patrick R. Minga, plead guilty to attempting to induce and facilitate, for his own financial gain, the travel of an individual from Florida, to Quito, Ecuador for the purpose of that individual to engage in illicit sexual conduct with minor girls. Sentencing was scheduled for November 20, 2014 and continued to February 5, […]

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U.S.: Two Cuban Nationals detained, deported to Ecuador for human trafficking

reported that two Cuban nationals detained crossing the border from Mexico have been deported to Ecuador. They are wanted for smuggling women from Cuba and forcing them to work as prostitutes to pay off debts. They had tried to enter the U.S. through Laredo, Texas. Read Article

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Quito Ecuador: Survey says, 80 percent of women afraid to use public transport reported…Quito seeks to break the silence and denounce sexual harassment in public transport and to this end, the City has installed booths where professionals listen and provide psychological and legal support for victims, said in an interview with Efe Deputy Mayor of the capital, Daniela Chacon. Victim of sexual harassment on public transport, Chacón […]

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Bolivia: Significant increase in violence against girls and women reported the Bolivian ombudsman has said he is worried about a rise in sexual attacks against girls and women. Rolando Villena said that local, regional and national authorities were failing to act in the face of a growing number of increasingly cruel attacks on young girls. Last week, a four-year-old girl was raped and […]

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Cañar Ecuador: Social changes improves lives of many women

OP-ED Ruxandra Guidi / For the 60,000 residents of this rural county of green hills and small villages, migration is something of a rite of passage. The share of Cañar’s people leaving the country is greater than that of any other district in Ecuador. More than 70 percent of its households receive remittances every […]

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Mexico City ranks 2nd worse in survey for safety of women on public transport

Thomas Reuters Foundation/YouGov conducted surveys of 15 capitals and New York City regarding women’s overall safety on public transportation. Mexico City ranked 2nd worst after Bogota Colombia in the world. Here are the specific rankings for Mexico City. Confidence in Authorities How confident are you that authorities would investigate if you were to report harassment […]

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Latin America: Four Cities Rank in top ten globally as worst regarding women’s safety reported /The poll was conducted in 15 of the world’s largest capitals and in New York, the most populous city in the United States. Polling could not be conducted in five of the largest capitals – Cairo, Dhaka, Kinshasa, Tehran and Baghdad – due to conflict or YouGov and its polling partners unable to […]

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Bogota Colombia: Most Unsafe Public Transport System for women

BOGOTA, Oct 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The mayor of Bogota defended his administration’s efforts to tackle high levels of sexual harassment of women on buses in the Colombian capital following a Thomson Reuters Foundation poll on Wednesday ranking Bogota’s public transport system as the most unsafe for women among 15 of the world’s largest […]

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Nicaragua: One of the Highest Rates of Sexual Violence Against Girls in the World reported Nicaragua has one of the highest rates of sexual violence against girls in the world that flourishes amid a patriarchal society, high levels of impunity, and discriminatory laws curtailing women’s human rights. Last year, forensic doctors examined 6,069 sexual violence victims – a 27-percent rise from 2010, according to new Institute of Legal […]

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Latin America: Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua lead in narrowing gender gap reported in the Latin America and Caribbean region, every country in the region has succeeded in narrowing their overall gender gap. Three countries from the Latin American and Caribbean region — Cuba, Nicaragua and Cuba — are in the world’s top ten regarding women’s parliamentary representation. The Global Gender Gap Report 2014, released Monday, […]

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Nicaragua: Pandemic of Sexual Violence Against Women, the hidden drama in an oasis of peace reported…. Nicaragua is the safest Central American country. And official discourse is accompanied by low homicide numbers in comparison with the region, but the apparent oasis of peace of the isthmus hides a drama that places the country at the same level of violence than the rest: the sexual and physical violence against women. […]

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Gallup Survey results, Latin Americans least likely to say women treated with respect and dignity reported Latin Americans were the least likely in the world in 2012 and 2013 to say women in their countries are treated with respect and dignity. A median of 35% of adults across 22 Latin American countries said their women are treated this way — about half as high as percentages in any other […]

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Bolivia: Women’s movement goes after political candidates with history of domestic violence

BBC MUNDO reported…More than 100 women have died in so far year, killed in Bolivia, one of the most violent for the women of Latin America, according to United Nations. But in the middle of a wave of attacks – which include, abandoned, burned or even decapitated bodies, a group of women achieved what seemed […]

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Jalisco Mexico: 463 women died from breast cancer in 2013 reported the director general of the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, Héctor Raúl Pérez Gómez, reported that in 2013 463 women died because of breast cancer, so the health sector in the State is attached to detect and prevent this disease. He said that in Mexico and most of Latin America its detection occurs in […]

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Colombians fearful of HP virus vaccination after mysteriuos incident in Carmen de Bolívar reported the mysterious case of mass blackouts that occurred in the municipality of el Carmen de Bolívar, in which 300 girls were affected after the implementation of the vaccine against the human papilloma virus, has had repercussions throughout the country, to such an extent that the vaccination rate has fallen precipitously in the different […]

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Mexico: Every nine days a woman dies from domestic violence

Every 9 days dies a woman in Mexico for domestic violence reported the Criminalist of the National Institute of Criminal Sciences, Magdalena Sánchez, said that 80 per cent of women suffered violence work, family and institutional. domestic violence takes the life of a woman every 9 days in Mexico, said the Criminalist for the […]

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Mexico: In some communities sexual relations beginning at age ten reported the representative in Mexico of the Red Latinoamericana counseling nursing in Sexual Health and adolescent reproductive, Araceli Jiménez, announced that in some communitiesthechildren start their sexual life to 10 years of age,without information about contraception,family planningor STDs. In a statement of the UNAM, the specialist said that if thefirst relationship occurs in a […]

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45 children live with their mothers in Quito Ecuador prison reported a “transformation penance”. This spoke the Minister of Justice, Ledy Zúñiga, once were transferred to the regional jail in Latacunga 662 deprived of liberty in the prison of The Inca. Initially there were protests from the relatives of the women. According to the official, 45 children between 0 and 3 years old, live […]

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Puebla Mexico: 12 women rescued in sexual exploitation operation

The PGJ advises that through an operation carried out by the unit’s follow-up to the crime of trafficking in persons, with support of the Ministerial police, was the rescue of 12 women who were allegedly victims of sexual exploitation in a bar located in the Cologne Blue water meadows, of the city of Puebla. Derivative […]

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Quito Ecuador: Women taking to boxing to deal with sexual assault

AFP, Yahoo News Reported after surviving a harrowing rape attempt, Any Hurtado took up boxing — and found herself surrounded by other Ecuadoran women using their fists for protection in a country torn by sexual violence. Statistics paint a disturbing picture of the threats women face in the South American country: six out of every […]

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Brazil: Man declared dead at hospital, found alive in his bag at morgue reported Brazilian health authorities announced that they will do an investigation to determine the circumstances in which a man declared dead in a hospital in the State of Bahia, was removed with life and driven to the morgue. The erroneous statement of death investigation was opened against the perpetrators of the Menander Farias Hospital […]

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Brazil’s first female indigenous lawyer fights for land rights, against deforestation

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Raised in isolated villages in the Brazilian Amazon, Joenia Batista de Carvalho grew up loving nature and taking pride in her tribe’s customs, way of life and Indian identity. Carvalho is a Wapixana Indian, one of five tribes totalling around 20,000 people who have lived for generations in the Raposa-Serra do […]

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Realities of life for Indigenous Rural Women in Ecuador

Author: World Food Programme – Rural Ecuadorian women are saddled with domestic duties, in addition to the responsibilities of tending agriculture and living a rural lifestyle, which often entails withstanding domestic abuse and marginalization. Rural indigenous women in Ecuador experience a disproportionate amount of domestic violence. In all of Ecuador, six out of ten women […]

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Eight departments in Colombia report highest number of human trafficking cases in the country reported the scourge of human trafficking, which mainly affects women, continues to claim victims despite prevention efforts by the authorities and various organizations. And 223 victims in the last four years are counted throughout Colombia, the government, with a new campaign seeks to confront the plight reported. According to figures from interagency committee to […]

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Begging As A Path To Progress – Indigenous Women And Children And The Struggle For Ecuador’s Urban Spaces


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Finding Cholita


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Mexico: Half of females age 12 to 19 who have sex become pregnant reported in Mexico, half of women aged 12 to 19 who start their sexual life become pregnant. Data are from the last national survey of health and nutrition, and reveal a structural problem that this week has once again become news. The holder of the portfolio of Social Development Rosario Robles, who runs a […]

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Latin America, Middle East, which is the more sexist

NPR.ORG reported…A semi-naked woman in a sequined Carnival costume. A veiled woman with only her eyes showing in a niqab. Two stereotypes of two vastly different regions — Latin America and the Middle East. On the surface, these two images couldn’t be more diametrically opposed. What could the two have in common, right? What a […]

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Peru: Victims of Forced Sterilizations relentless in fight for justice reported that Peruvian women intent on bringing state to book over forced sterilisations Women sterilised in the late 1990s under a Peruvian government scheme show no signs of relenting in their long fight for justice. Their legal case began in 2003, when the state paid compensation to the family of Mamérita Mestanza, who died […]

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Women in Bolivia Face Culture of Harassment reported…Two years after the murder of an outspoken female councillor ushered in new legislation outlawing political violence against women in Bolivia, campaigners say a culture of harassment remains, as Paula Dear reports from La Paz. Women’s domestic, childcare and – in rural areas – agricultural responsibilities can make fulfilling their public roles difficult, discouraging […]

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One in Four Lawmakers in Latin America are Women reported that…When Michelle Bachelet takes office as president of Chile for the second time on Tuesday, the person who places the blue, white and red striped presidential sash round her neck will be Isabel Allende – the first woman in Chilean history to be leader of the senate. One in four lawmakers in Latin […]

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World Cup Brazil: Adidas announces ceaseof selling raunchy t-shirts

Sportswear maker to stop selling T-shirts before World Cup after Brazil’s ministry of women’s affairs said shirts were offensive. Adidas agreed on Tuesday to stop selling two raunchy T-shirts in the run-up to the World Cup after the Brazilian government complained that they associated the country with sexual tourism. One shirt shows a bikini-clad woman […]

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Ecuador: Transgender woman files suit against government

PINKNEWS.CO.UK reported that Diane Rodriguez, the first transgender woman in Ecuador to legally change her name, is currently suing the Ecuadorian government for refusing to fully acknowledge her gender identity on legal documents. Ms Rodriguez, the founder of the LGBT rights group the X Silhouette Association, plans to take her case to the Inter-American Court […]

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Ecuador: study of mother to child transmission of HIV and Syphilis

Abstract reported…Objectives This study aimed to obtain nationally representative estimates of HIV and syphilis prevalence and coverage of preventive antenatal services in pregnant women in Ecuador, in order to develop a national strategy for the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis. Methods A national probability sample of 5988 women presenting for delivery […]

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Ecuador: 24 out of 100 women sexually assaulted, victimized by family member reported the following regarding sexual assaults in Ecuador: 1. 24 out of 100 women sexually assaulted were victims of a family member. 2. 19 percent of the sexual attacks were committed by unknown individuals. 3. 16 percent of sexual attacks were committed by a friend. 4. 15 percent of sexual attacks were committed by […]

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Peru: sex trafficking ring moving young girls to work in mining town of Chala

Young girls are lured by the possibility of working and or kidnapped in Lima, Cusco, or Puno. Held captive and forced to work as prostitutes. There documents are often taken from them. reported that what happened to the two girls is a practice used to attract teenagers to work in bars and nightclubs in […]

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Ecuador: Government wants to reduce the labor inequality between men and women

Quito, November 28 (Andes).- Women’s unpaid work in Ecuador is one of the main gaps that the country has yet to overcome. The Encuesta Específica de Uso del Tiempo (EUT – Specific Time Use Survey) conducted by INEC in 2012 show that out of all the time women devote to work, only 59.7% is paid, […]

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Ecuador: 47 cases of femicide registered between January-October 2013 reported that from January to October this year, the Ecumenical Commission of Human Rights (Cedhu) reported 47 cases of femicide nationwide. This term refers to the murder of a woman for being such. “This is a hate crime that goes beyond the perpetrator, is the romantic partner, a relative or a perfect stranger, and […]

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Latin America: UN warns Indigenous women remain invisible in access to work, education

Indigenous women in Latin America remain invisible to society, warns UN Urgent action needed to close ‘unacceptable gaps’ in access to work and education across Latin America and Caribbean. Indigenous women in Latin America continue to face great gaps in access to higher education, health services and employment, although there have been significant educational advances, […]

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Ecuador: Statistics concerning motherhood reported the following information: 1. Ecuador has 122,301 teenage mothers. 2. Working women earn 17 percent less than men. 3.87.1 percent of mothers are heads of households. 4. 33 percent of mothers are self employed. 5. 27.2 percnet of mothers are employed in the private sector. 6. 13 percent of mothers are employed by […]

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Nicaragua: Women protest changes that would force them to face their abuser reported that thousands of women in Nicaragua have taken to the streets to protest against legal changes that could push female victims of crime to sit face-to-face with their abusers. Law 779, which came into effect in June 2012 and criminalises violence against women, has been under siege from conservative, religious and men’s groups, […]

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Ecuador: Abortion Issues for victims of violent sexual crimes

Ecuador’s restrictive abortion laws put the health and even the lives of rape victims in danger, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. In late August 2013 the National Assembly is expected to debate major changes to the criminal code. It is unclear whether a proposal from a 2012 assembly discussion of lifting […]

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Amazonas, Brazil: Mayor Suspected of Sexual Exploitation Activity reported on July 21, 2013 that the mayor of Coari, Amazonas is being investigated by the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents for running a network with fellow public officials to sexually exploit teenage girls. The mayor is suspected of paying between R$2,000 and R$3,000 for virgin girls 12-14 years old. The mayor has […]

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Brazil and Spain Conduct Joint-Operation Against Human Trafficking

Terra reported on July 7, 2013 that the Federal Police with the help of the Spanish police conducted “Operation Nymphs” both in Brazil and Spain against a gang suspected of trafficking woman. The gang is responsible for exploiting Brazilian women in Spain by promising work and instead forcing prostitution. Nine arrests were made in two […]

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Brasilia, Brazil: Images Reveal Suspect Accused of Raping Woman in Church

On July 4, 2013, police revealed images of a 50-year old suspect who raped a 20-year old woman inside a church on Wednesday (3) in Brasilia. Police report the suspect conversed with the victim and the bishop the day before the crime. The crime lasted for about 15 minutes in which the victim was discovered […]

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Amazonas, Brazil: Suspects Arrested for Sexually Exploiting Indigenous Children

On July 3, 2013 Globo reported that the Federal Prosecutor in Amazonas arrested ten suspects accused of sexual exploitation against indigenous children and adolescents of São Gabriel da Cachoeira. The suspects as well, are accused of producing pornographic videos of these indigenous children. 16 children confirmed to being victims of abuse, rape, and sexual exploitation. […]

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United States/ Mexico: Oaxacan Couple Sentenced to 20 Years Prison for Sexual Exploitation

On May 21, 2013 Criterio Hidalgo reported that a San Diego court has sentenced a married couple from Oaxaca, Mexico to 20 years prison for sexual exploitation and forced labor. Marcial García Hernández and Ines Garcia Martinez were found guilty of sexually exploiting their niece, Isabel. The girl, now 24 years old, had been brought […]

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Santo Domingo Ecuador: 70 year old woman raped at cemetery while visiting deceased son

Also, note that she had left early for home that is located in a rural village in the northeast of Santo Domingo. Almost at noon arrived at the site where the remains of his relative, which is just opposite the National Police Command of Santo Domingo. She had placed flowers. Also candles in the vault […]

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Ecuador: hundreds of women march against gender violence in Quito

Hundreds of Ecuadorian women marched through several streets last night in Quito to condemn the violence, sexism and “femicide” in the so-called “March of Whores”. “No, no” was the slogan that women chanted during the march in which they denounced the abuses suffered by “macho culture” rooted in the country. According to various feminist groups, […]

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Ecuador: teenage pregnancies, 45,708 births recorded in 2011 reported that for that year there were 30,503 mothers in Guayas adolescents 12 to 19 years. Pichincha continued, with 15,810; Manabi, with 13,378, and Rivers, with 9288. Ecuador recorded a total of 122,301 adolescent mothers for that year. There it was established that pregnancy under 14 increased by 74% in the last decade. It […]

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Study from São Paulo, Brazil, Finds 11.7 Million Brazilians Alcohol Dependent

On April 10, 2013, Agência Brasil reported that a study done at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) found that 11.7 million Brazilians have alcohol dependency. The study also found that 54% of all alcoholic beverages consumed in the country are consumed by around 20% of the population. Researchers surveyed 149 cities throughout Brazil […]

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Peru: 3600 at risk minors rescue from the streets of Lima and environs reported that aA total of 3.600 children and adolescents who were at risk on the streets, many of them for begging and sexual exploitation, were rescued in the last five months of the program staff of the Ministry Yachay Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP). Thanks to the daily work of 104 street educators in […]

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Latin America: as many as 2 million children and adolescents victims of sexual exploitation

About two million children and adolescents are sexually exploited in Latin America, a figure “alarming” that manages the Regional Coalition Against Trafficking in Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, said its president in Ecuador, Rocío Rosero. “There are about two million children and adolescents who are in situations of sexual exploitation,” said Rosero to […]

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134 Women in Amazonas, Brazil, Arrested in First Two Months of 2013

On March 19, 2013, D24AM reported that the number of women arrested so far in the year 2013 is 134, up 41% from the same time period last year.  The report notes that many women are the wives and girlfriends of other perpetrators, and many are pulled into crime through emotional and mental bonds with […]

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In Brazil, Ten Women Are Assaulted Every Hour

On March 8, 2013, A Tarde reported that in Brazil in 2012, ten women were assaulted every hour in the country.  These numbers come from statistics reported by the federal Women’s Assistance Center’s Ligue 180 campaign.  Physical violence represented the most frequent of the 88,000+ incidents, at 50,236 (56%); other cases included psychological (28%), sexual […]

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Brazilian Federal Police Investigates New Human Trafficking Scheme

On March 6, 2013, Estado de Minas reported that Federal Police in the state of Minas Gerais are in contact with the Spanish National Police over a woman who recently denounced a man with whom she lived in Spain.  Police in Spain arrested the man and questioned the woman, who is said to have been […]

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Women Rescued from Brothel in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

On February 28, 2013, Campo Grande News reported that five Paraguayan women and one Brazilian were rescued by local police early this morning from a brothel in Naviraí, Mato Grosso do Sul, about 360 kilometers from the state capital of Campo Grande. Two of the women complained to local police that the owner of a […]

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Peru: 387 human trafficking complaints filed 2012 reported that a total of 387 complaints about the crime of human trafficking received the Attorney General, from January to November of 2012, achieving the arrest of 92 people nationwide into the crime, it was reported Sunday. According to the recent report of the National Register of Detainees and Sentenced for Effective Freedom (RENADESPPLE), […]

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Chile: Woman detained for using pill (Misotrol) to induce abortion reported that the Homicide Unit (BH) of the PDI of Conception is investigating a possible abortion, performed by a woman of 23 years old, through the use of a medication called Misotrol. The accused would have introduced vaginally pills while in his home in the town of Lan C Hualpén. After presenting a hemorrhage, […]

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Quito Ecuador Elections: fathers detained when they showed up to vote for not paying child support

A Mario G., 47 years, two policemen waited near the polling station where he would vote. The relatives of the arrested said that the military was with the mother of one of his four children. He was then transferred in handcuffs to the Provisional Detention Center of Quito (CDP). Jairo A. (30 years) said that […]

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Nightclub Owners in Brazil to Face Human Trafficking Charges

On February 18, 2013, G1 reported that a pair of nightclub owners from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state, are being transferred to Belém, the state capital of Pará, to face human trafficking charges.  The duo owned nightclubs in Altamira, about 900 kilometers from Belém, and was arrested last Wednesday.  They face charges of […]

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Federal Prosecutors Will Investigate Sexual Abuse Ring in Pará, Brazil

On February 18, 2013, D24AM reported that federal prosecutors are traveling to the Brazilian state of Pará to investigate a ring of sexual abuse cases that occurred at the Belo Monte plant, situated between Altamira and Vitória do Xingu.  To this day, the report cites 32 women and adolescents who were freed in the past […]

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Alta Verapaz Guatemala: Increased numbers of maternal deaths

As a matter of Augusto Cesar Diaz, MD, coordinator of the organization, the situation that exists in Alta Verapaz is alarming and disturbing, as the number of female deaths from causes related to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum is high. According OSAR data in 2010 reported 56 maternal deaths in 2011 dropped to 52 and in […]

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Bolivia: After journalists death government to move on a new law for femicide reported that the Government of Bolivia has announced that Congress will approve as soon as possible a law punishable by 30 years in prison on femicide and discuss a proposed chemical castration for rapists. The initiative was accelerated after the murder, on Tuesday, Huaycho Hanali journalist at the hands of her husband, police Lt. […]

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Mexico: Nine year old girl giving birth is not an isolated case

In Mexico teen pregnancy is socially discriminated, without recognizing that the majority of cases is a result of sexual abuse, rape and social isolation. In the case of the 9 year old girl who gave birth in Jalisco, we talk about a case of sexual violence, as in any type of sex with minors, half […]

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Anti-Trafficking Campaign in Brazil Receives 58 Calls in One Week

On February 8, 2013, Exame reported that the Women’s Rights Division in Brazil, through the federal Ligue 180 (Dial 1-8-0) Campaign, registered some 58 accusations of trafficking between February 3 and February 7.  This number nearly matches the entire total from last year.  All of the reports are passed on to the Polícia Federal, where […]

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Brazil: International Anti-Trafficking Campaign Receives 80 Calls in 2012

On February 5, 2013, Diário do Nordeste reported that the Ligue 180 campaign, aimed at combating the trafficking of women from Brazil to Europe, received 80 accusations in 2012.  Six of these calls came from women living in Rio de Janeiro state, five from Ceará (the most of any state in the Northeast), five from […]

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Reported rape of seven tourists from Spain at gunpoint Acapulco Mexico

Sexual Assaults, Rapes took place when ten armed men entered the tourist’s bungalow in colony Alfredo V Bonfil, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. According to, seven Spanish tourists reported being raped Sunday night in a neighborhood near the resort city of Acapulco on the west coast of Mexico. According to the Attorney (prosecutor) General of the […]

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