Many women lured to Ecuador with false promises, forced into prostitution

Posted on April 11, 2015 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Human Smuggling, Latin America Womens Issues reported the women were deceived by false promises. Caribbean native, traveled to find opportunities in Ecuador. You hopeful. Borrowed hundreds of dollars needed to obtain letters of invitation and undertake to pay airfare foreign funded by unknown men, Ecuadorians and. But the debt and the trip were his trap. On reaching the country, those hundreds of dollars became thousands, unaffordable, and coerced between threats, were forced into prostitution to pay. The harrowing accounts realize a stark practice in Quito: human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Trafficking in Ecuador is one of the most difficult security problems. This was referred to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) 2012. That complexity, then warned the UNODC, is that the subject requires specialized humane treatment, because all forms of crime are intertwined: arms trafficking, drug trafficking, contract killings and finally exploitation of persons; various activities that violate human rights of victims.


Dozens of foreigners were rescued in 2014. The details of this case deshilvanaron April 2015, following a criminal investigation, with assistance from Colombia and the US, which ended with the conviction of 11 men, is marked by persons. The task of the Ministry of the Interior (the raid on 22 nightclubs for ransom in 2014 is proof of that) in combating this scourge is remarkable. In this context, the dismantling of criminal gangs in Ecuador, linked to drug trafficking and contract killings, allows corral this crime, no doubt. But that effort is not enough. Sexual slavery has a powerful endorsement invisible: the thousands of people who ‘serve’ the crime. Yes, raw certainty. The anchor of trafficking is the masculine society. Read Article

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