Paraguay: 25 Tons of Venezuelan Bills(currency) found in home

Posted on February 15, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Paraguay


Paraguayan police found some 25 tons of Venezuelan bills (currency) hidden in bags in a house in the city of Saltos del Guaira, on the border with Brazil.

Banknotes of different denominations were stacked in large sacks against a wall of property owned by a well-known arms dealer , according to a preliminary police report. Saltos del Guairá is located about 400 kilometers east of the capital, Asunción.

Investigators are trying to determine the legality of the tickets.

“One possibility is that they have been used to buy dollars on the black market in Venezuela or that they can be used to counterfeit dollars because of the high quality of the Venezuelan currency,” said the report of the Paraguayan Police Communication .

The agents sealed the bags and counted Tuesday . “So far only bills have been found, there are no drugs or weapons,” Commissioner Simeon Servian told local Telefuturo television. Read Article

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