Guayaquil Ecuador: Armed Assailants against tourists taken into custody

Posted on September 29, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Ecuador Travel Feb. 28, 2016 reported Near the tourist sector of Cerro Santa Ana, at 00:55 Saturday were apprehended by the support group District 9 October, three suspects and isolated a minor, the, alleged crime against property.

Carlos Alfredo AC, Darío Javier BP, and Luis Alberto MM, today court orders were located and apprehended in the alley Vicente Buitrón and Santo Domingo, opposite Interagua held by a sharp short weapon (knife), used to threaten their victims.

Joshua Isaac AR, under 16, who accompanied the arrested and had also participated in the assault on a group of tourists, was transferred to the Center for Juvenile Offenders (CAI) and made minor orders of the prosecutor.

According to the complaint lodged by the injured detainees and isolated, had surprised them on the outside of the Bar “El Pirata, located on the steps 373, near the top of the hill, where power of firearms and short sharp; and, uttering threats have taken and escaped with valuables.


The reaction group mounted an operation to search for the suspects based on the physical characteristics and clothing bearing being located in the alley Buitrón Vicente and Santo Domingo, and transferred to the unit Flagrancy.

The tax shift Cesar Peña Carrion called flagrante delicto and ordered the arrests of the three largest, according to Art. 444 Literal 9 and the evidence remains entered the cellars of the Judicial Police. (Oswaldo Trujillo Padilla. DNCE Zone 8 ). Read Article

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