Cuenca Ecuador: Two Americans Assaulted, Robbed Near Parque Calderon

Posted on September 23, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL

THINKING OF MOVING TO ECUADOR? THIS BOOK HAS SUBSTANTIAL INFORMATION ON SAFETY AND SECURITY September 13, 1:30 PM a few blocks from Parque Calderon, two gringo friends of mine were both attacked from the rear as they walked on the sidewalk. The husband was knocked to the ground while the two young local teenagers/early twenties stole the ladies cell phone . As she chased after the one with the cell phone, the other assailant grabbed her purse which she refused to give up and in the struggle she fell/was pushed to the ground falling on her purse and injuring her wrist. Other than a hematoma, and the expense of X-rays, etc. at the hospital, she is OK and still has her purse. Unfortunately, the police showed no concern or interest when she made the police report. This couple is safety conscious and had previously taught my wife and I about the safety of choosing cabs with the maitre de at an evening meal.
We have since learned that a similar event near this same location occurred a few days ago and involved a stabbing. Please pass this on to your “walking friends”. Maybe it’s time to consider pepper spray or a wrist tazer. This is a sad event to have to report about Cuenca. Stay safe and God bless.
Hal C. Whitley
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