Rains Across Ecuador Cause Damage

Posted on February 7, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador, TRAVEL, Weather/Climate

The weather conditions improved yesterday in Guayas, Manabi and Imbabura, as appeared the Sun, then on Monday and Elcomercio.com reported…Tuesday to rain with intensity. But the situation worsened in Esmeraldas. It also rains in the Central Sierra and Tulcán feels very cold. In the North of Esmeraldas, the Ríos Cayapas, Santiago and Onzole walked out of its channel and affected coastal villages, seg n the unit of management of risks from the municipality of Eloy Alfaro. Homes at risk The tributaries have grown, because the rains are intense since last weekend. Gustavo Quintero, head of the risk management unit of the municipality, said that there are 11 affected homes. Water entered the properties of bamboo cane. “There is a risk that at any time will fall “”. Mayor discusses an possible evacuation, but not materialized until the afternoon of yesterday, according to Paterson Plaza Mayor, because a technical report is expected. It is not the only change. Technicians found that the village La Pampa, five houses and six poles for public lighting are at risk, by Palisade that low with rains. Quintero said that waters not down to the afternoon yesterday, January 8, and the sky was cloudy, he did boast that the floods would continue. The National Secretariat for risk management issued a report which reports the involvement of five dwellings in the parish of Las Peñas (Eloy Alfaro) and two on the Canchimalero Island parish lemons. Also the fall of three trees in the city of Esmeraldas and the death of a minor who was electrocuted Monday, while rain in the city and that was considered an incidental case by the national electricity Corporation.


In the Central Sierra, four of the five injured in the mudslide occurred in the via Latacunga – La Manna, in Cotopaxi, recover in the parish health centre El Tingo hope, of Pujilí canton. The night of January 7, a part of the mountain broke on one of the two lanes. The bus of the cooperative of transportation Ambato, TAS-351 plates, covering the route Quevedo – Ambato, was affected. Automotive driver died. Nelson Chugchilán, Chairman of the Board of the parish, said that large stones rained down on a part of the bus and the road. “The passage is open in both directions. We recommend caution when driving over there”. In Latacunga, the fire brigade, the risk Secretariat and the Ministry of Environment coordinated the eviction of water and land of Velasco Ibarra and Otto Arosemena educational units, which were flooded Monday with a rain so hard that it had not had since 1998. Miriam Zapata, Director of the Secretariat for risk, reported that the rescuers also helped Indians in the moors of Cusubamba, Salcedo. “A strong HailStorm caused a landslide where the water entered several houses and killed small animals.” Was recommended to the mayors of the cantons of Cotopaxi activate their emergency committees”. Meanwhile, rescuers of Guano in Chimborazo, avoided that a vehicle was swept away by the river. Firefighter Carlos Moreno told the Guano river grew suddenly and left damage. In Carchi, cold and rain affect residents. The afternoon fall drizzles of high intensity and long time. Last Monday, for example, it rained 19 hours straight. Fabricio Toscano, dealer of the Popular Shopping Centre, said that climate change increased the sale of bags, wool gloves and coats of thermal fabric. Earlier, Toscano sold 15 garments a day and now 28. Yesterday, the minimum temperature was 9.7 degrees according to Elizabeth Vélez, technique of the National Institute of meteorology and hydrology. The minimum grade point average in Tulcán is 14 degrees. Velez also explained that the rains will continue. The Cuerpo de Bomberos de Tulcán began a campaign to raise public awareness so that you do not throw garbage on the streets that block storm drains and cause flooding. In context. The first rains of the winter season are presented with intensity from Monday in most of the country. So far, have two people died: one electrocutada and the other by a landslide in the path. The forecasts are that strong rainfalls continue.

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