Pascuales Ecuador: Some victims of Express Kidnappings being released near bus station

Posted on February 5, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Abandon victims of highway robbery Terminal Terrestre-Pascuales reported the Terminal Terrestre-Pascuales highway has become the last stop in cases of express abduction that have been committed in Guayaquil.

Two weeks ago, a driver who was intercepted by motorcyclists was abandoned, handcuffed, near an Interagua pumping station. The guys took the car. The victim of the robbery was helped by residents living near there. Last Wednesday, Mirian (protected name) was also abandoned in this sector after having lived moments of panic after being kidnapped for several hours.

The woman reported in the complaint she presented at the Guayas Prosecutor’s Office that it was 11:40 pm and she was waiting for a bus on Victor Emilio Estrada Street to go to her house in Mapasingue. However, he said, he took a taxi and a few blocks from arriving at his house, the car stopped to pick up two guys who pointed it with a firearm. “The guy in the back told me to close my eyes, that they would rape me if I did not give them the keys to the cards. I began to go around the north, “explained the victim.

On the way, the antisocials withdrew $ 270 from the woman’s account and their cell phone, among other belongings, were taken away. “They took pictures of me so that I did not denounce them, they already knew the place where I worked and that the leader was a police officer, that the denunciation was not going to serve anything,” said the woman to the secretary who registered his complaint in Flagrance.


After the criminals took out the money, the victim was left in a sector of the Terminal Terrestre-Pascuales highway. Residents of the sector assisted Mirian, called the police. Agents who attended the emergency took the woman home. Read Article

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