Guayaquil Ecuador: Robberies, Rapes reported in Yellow Taxis

Posted on December 26, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

There are allegations of rape and robberies in yellow taxis reported “We stopped a yellow taxi (…), the taxi driver along with the guy who climbed the Ecuadorian Football Federation, which is on the av. The Waters, proceeded to sexually abuse me, anal, oral and vaginal. After they outraged me, they called the other guys in the other car on the cell phone, telling them they had already taken all the money off my boyfriend’s debit card, and then they left us abandoned. ” It is part of the story of a 32-year-old woman.

She and her boyfriend were assaulted and assaulted on December 15 last inside a yellow taxi that they took in the exteriors of a commercial center of Guayaquil north. Situations like these have been repeated in this city.

They went to the coop. Juan Montalvo, but the driver turned aside in an alley. There, with a gun, he hit the boyfriend with a blow. Then another armed subject came up, who took the victim’s coat off and wrapped the young man’s head around.

They both subjected and took away their belongings. The criminals even gave themselves time to go to a cashier and get all the money that the young man had. That happened at night, after 10:00 PM, when the woman left her job.

It’s not the only story. There are also recent cases of robberies, as reported in the Attorney’s Office Maria C. She took a yellow taxi on December 14 last, past 07:00, near a hotel on the av. October 9, in the center. He asked for a race to the land terminal and when he told him that he had a $ 20 bill, the taxi driver would not have entered the terminal, but accelerated and continued on another course.


According to Maria’s story, the driver called two guys and told them he was coming. There the young woman crushed the panic button, which had the car, and the driver answered that it was no use. He had it going around 40 minutes.

The man pulled out a knife and she jumped out of the car in motion. He managed to pull his wallet, not the suitcase with $ 800, a laptop, a hard drive, credit cards and debits, jewelry, credentials and personal documents and his work, in a vice-ministry.

Giovanny P., on the other hand, stopped a yellow taxi in the streets Gómez Rendón and Chimborazo to address his work. The driver gave him a glass of cola and he lost consciousness. When he woke up in a clinic he saw that he did not have the cell phone, the money, the clothes, the shoes or his personal documents.

Jorge Gómez, secretary of the Union of Taxi drivers of Guayas, a union that brings together 12,000 members in the province (10,000 in Guayaquil alone), says that so far they have no reports that their units and drivers have been involved in these crimes.

According to him, the operations of control of taxi drivers should be frequent, more at this time, since, he maintains, in the city there would be yellow painted cars that pretend to be taxis, in addition to those who give the service of irregular way in cars of Another color, known as taxiamigos. “There are no operations, there is no control,” he says.

Gómez maintains that legal taxis have security cameras, GPS (satellite positioning), panic button connected to the ECU-911, number of plates also painted on the roof, the census (on doors) and the logo of the cooperative to The one they belong to.

He adds that as part of his self-security is a telephone application, to request a legal taxi.


Check units
The legal yellow taxis have the security kit (camera, GPS, panic button); Plate numbers painted on the ceiling; The stamp of the census (on the back door) and the cooperative are painted, not adhesive. The plates are orange. Also, those with white plaque with orange edge.

Advise acquaintances
Among the recommendations of the Police consists of advising family and friends the license plate that is taken, after verifying that the taxi has the other safety regulations mentioned above. In case of danger the police or the ECU-911 must be notified. Read Full Article

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