Mexico, cartels compete in one upmanship in level of violence

Posted on October 11, 2011 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Intelligence, Mexico, Zetas

The murders are increasingly chilling. They seek to intimidate and cause a greater impact. The concern is that citizenship is becoming insensitive to the cruelty of the narcos.
The brutal murders in public that began 5 years ago have worsened as cartels try to match what the other in their quest to intimidate rivals, authorities and potential informants and to continue impacting Mexicans increasingly accustomed to bloody spectacles . “These criminal groups have continued to climb because they want the shock value, but it wears out,” said Clark McCauley, a professor of psychology at Pennsylvania, and terrorism expert. “Now to have a header in the newspapers should get more heads or bodies, or do something more terrifying.” Read Article

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