Home invasion, robbery modality in Quito, Ecuador

Posted on September 17, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency


I have a very old and dear friend who lives in a quiet neighborhood in Quito. His name is Don Nadie and his wife is Doña Nadie are a fine couple that never bothers anyone. They are gracious and well mannered but, sometime a trifle trusting. Last week, Don Nadie was enjoying an afternoon at home alone while his wife was out taking care of some errands.

The phone rang and he answered the phone to someone that asked for his wife. Don responded that she was not at home. The man on the other end of the phone said he was from the water company and that a group of workers would be by soon to check on a water leak. Don Nadie told the caller that there was no leak in the house but there had been some workers working on the sewage system in the neighborhood.

After hanging up the phone a few minutes later, there was a ring of the house bell. Don Nadie opened the door and two men were there. One of the men pulled a revolver on the victim telling him to get into the house. The gun-toting assailant stuck the gun up under Don’s rib cage. He screamed out in fright and was ordered to be quiet. The two assailants took the shaking Don Nadie to the living room and covered his head with a sweater so he could not identify the two hoodlums. They then tied up Don Nadie at the hands and feet. They told him that Don’s wife had sent the men to scare him. He knew this was false since he and his wife had no problems. The men then demanded Don’s cedula and to tell them where the jewelry was in the house.


Don Nadie could hear the men going through the house. Before leaving with their loot of jewelry, cell-phones, and plasma TVs they did something worse then stealing the items. The men threatened the victim, if he reported the incident to police, they would harm him and his family. This caused him great angst since the thieves had obtained so much personal information about his family.

Don was able to finally break free from being tied up after about ten minutes. He then sought immediate help from his neighbors and contacted the police. He warned others never to open the door for someone you don’t know. Adapted from an article by elcomercio.com – read here

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