Olmedo, Ecuador: Family lives nightmare during two hour home invasion

Posted on May 11, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

eldiario.ec reported(machine translated)The darkness of the night was used by strangers to reach a house and steal the most expensive objects.

The incident, according to the Police, occurred the previous Sunday near 22h00.
It was after two hours, after getting untied, the injured asked for help to police officers, who found theft of technological equipment and cash.
Surprise . The 59-year-old man told the gendarmes that he was being rested by his family on Sunday, when the quiet at home was interrupted by the shout of men and knocks on the doors.
At the moment of leaving, said the affected, the strangers frightened him with a firearm and forced him to surrender their belongings. Not content with what they found, they said, they chose to tie them hand and foot and check the property by their own means.
At your leisure. As the house raided is far from its neighbors, the crooks checked room by room.
According to the police, the home owners did not oppose the robbery, since the rogues were armed and feared that something bad could happen to them.
The malandrines, according to the Police, managed to remove jewelry, perfumery products, three cell phones, a laptop, three gas cylinders, a tablet and $ 1,500 in cash.
The scoundrels, according to the injured, carried the stolen objects to several cars, since from the place where they were could hear the noise of vehicles.
Without results. One of the plagiarized managed to untie in the early hours of Monday and asked for help in the Community Police Unit of Olmedo.
From there a police operation was set up at Las Mercedes and other precincts in the canton to find the thieves, without any result. Read Article


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