Ecuador: Two suspected assailants detained in shooting of U.S. citizen playing Pokémon Go

Posted on August 20, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Ecuador Travel

Guayaquil Ecuador – U.S. citizen critically wounded last week while playing Pokémon Go reported ten days after the attempted assault of a foreigner who was shot while playing Pokémon Samanes Go, the police managed the arrest of two suspected involved in the case.

The commander of the Police Zone 8, Edisson Barrera, reported Thursday that during investigations of forensic experts prepared the identikit allowed them to identify the suspects.

The apprehension of DRMS, 28, and ADRS, 27, were apprehended in Sauces 8 and 9, in the north of the city, while they were walking near their homes. At the arraignment hearing the presiding judge ordered 90-day preliminary investigation and the transfer of detainees to the detention center.

According to the National Crime against Life, Violent Deaths, disappearances, Extortion and Kidnapping (Dinased), criminals have adopted a new way of operating taking advantage of the carelessness of the players of this game out to the streets to find the pokeparadas ( distributed points in the city where the game objects are achieved to capture these virtual creatures).

Through social networks Pokémon fans and players give guidance on how Pokémones hunt but also warn of robberies in unsafe places. “If there are teams that cross the city please do not publish routes or places where they will be, safety first”. This is one of the messages posted on Twitter Pokemon Go Ecuador.


Police have implemented security in public places such as parks and jetties, where this famous video game players are concentrated. ECU 911 suggests to players who avoid visiting dark places, which could be dangerous to their physical integrity, or those who are vulnerable to theft or other violent act. It is recommended also-maintain the necessary care when they are playing outdoors or when crossing streets. Read Article

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