Ecuador: Tourists involved in bus crash also victims of stolen luggage and documents (passports)

Posted on August 17, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Ecuador Travel reported the tourists had traveled for two weeks the beaches of the Ruta del Sol . Yesterday, August 16, 2016, at dawn the 20 foreign tourists took a bus from Salinas to Guayaquil, to board a plane to their countries. But at kilometer 53 of the road to the Costa the courtesy car crashed with a bus, which made ​​express staff for an industry in the area. It was 05:30. The bus was due to arrive straight to Jose Joaquin Olmedo Airport of Guayaquil. In the sector of the enclosure San Isidro, between Cerecita and Progress, an espresso that was carrying workers of a poultry stopped by a passenger. That’s when the tourist bus hit him on the right back. That is the version of Alicia Paltan, representative of the company that was carrying 20 tourists. They were Chileans, Argentines and Colombians who had enjoyed the coast. Two tourists died immediately : Heidi Werner, Chile, 46; and Maria Lorena Gagliardi, Argentina 42 years. the death of Ecuadorian Rudy Palacios, about 27 years later reported. He was in the back of the bus personnel transport of poultry. In the clash they were also wounded nine people, five bus tourists and four express personal. Their ages range between 22 and 76 years. According Paltan after the accident tourists suffered the theft of their luggage. So he placed an order, who have stolen their bags to return them. Foreigners could not travel for the loss of their passports. “They had planned to travel today (yesterday) but now can not leave the country,” he added. After the accident alerts through the security system, ECU-911, Samborondón, who coordinated the transfer of personnel from the Ministry of Public Health, the CTE and units of the Fire Department of Guayaquil and General Villamil Beaches they were activated. Dario Cerdan, CTE agent reported that drivers fled units collided site. The ambulance moved CTE three wounded, while two of MSP took five injured to hospitals in Guayaquil.


In the first reports of ECU 911 on the accident it was reported that two people were catch. That delayed the rescue on the road. The injured were stabilized and transferred to nursing homes Guayaquil. According Paltan express personally did not catch on the rear lights parking and this would have caused the accident. Although according to witnesses, the driver of the bus tour would have fallen asleep and did not observe the other bus was parked. The accident happened a Commission investigation Transit Ecuador (CTE). Read Article

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