Ecuador: Court Approves Referendum which would allow President to run again in 2017

Posted on April 27, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics reported the Constitutional Court of Ecuador approved a request from the “Rafael With You Forever” group that would allow a referendum to ask Ecuadorians if they want to repeal a constitutional provision preventing current-President Rafael Correa from running for reelection in 2017.

According to Pamela Aguirre, a member of the group, the most important thing was that the court recognize that it was “not violating any rights and, in this case, the court has decided that there exists an application of those rights.”

The court approved “the referendum request to eliminate the transitory provision that prevents people from running for reelection in 2017.”

Aguirre explained that the Constitutional Court resolved the case April 13 and uploaded the decision to the internet that Friday, but she learned about the decision through the press because she had been busy helping giving aid to those affected by the earthquake. Read Article


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