Ecuador: Former President Correa to Return January 4th to fight “Treason”, “Particracy”

Posted on January 2, 2018 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency / (MACHINE TRANSLATED)Through his Twitter account, former president Rafael correa confirmed that he will return to Ecuador on January 4. “I am going to my homeland on January 4, to be with my comrades in this fight against treason and partycracy, even victory always!” He wrote in the social network.

The morning of today Ricardo Patiño referred to the issue noting that it is “very possible” that the former leader returns to Ecuador this week, one day after the official campaign for the referendum and the February 4 referendum begins.

“It is very possible,” said Patiño when asked by telephone about the possibility that Correa, who governed Ecuador between 2007 and May 2017, will return to the country next Thursday to participate in the campaign for popular consultation in which, among others, issues are asked about the elimination of indefinite reelection.

Without going into more details, the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the matter will be defined “in the next few hours”. Patiño is a member of the Alianza País movement with which Correa led the so-called “Citizen Revolution” for a decade, but at the end of last year suffered a fracture between those who support the exmandatario and those loyal to the current head of state, Lenin Moreno, also of the Alianza País movement.

Like Patiño, ex-legislator Virgilio Hernández belongs to the correísta wing of the pro-government movement. Asked about the possible return of Correa, Hernandez said today that the former president “has every willingness to come for the campaign.” “Today we are going to have a meeting at eleven o’clock in the morning to define whether or not he is coming on January 4, as is his intention or on another date,” he said , emphasizing that “initially” returning next Thursday from Europe “is the intention “of the ex-ruler.

Hernandez commented that there are operational, logistical and organizational issues to be resolved, something that will be discussed at a meeting scheduled for 11:00 local time at the Alianza País headquarters in the northern center of Quito. He explained that at the meeting, which will “deal with internal issues” will be the bureau of “Alianza País-Revolución Ciudadana” and insisted that today “the date and the most organizational issues of the return” of Correa will be analyzed, who lives in Belgium, where his wife is from.

“He (Correa) has the will to come from January 4, depends on whether we find passages, all those more operational issues, but the interest of the former president is to participate in the campaign as soon as possible,” he said.

Last November, Correa assured that he will not reside in the country “for several years” after a short visit to Ecuador to participate in what his followers called a convention of the Alianza País movement, but did not recognize the sector related to Moreno.

“I can not, in the next few years for very deep family reasons, return to reside in Ecuador,” Correa said at a meeting with the foreign press. He recalled that after ten years of government, which ended on May 24, he wanted to withdraw from politics, but said he had to get involved, initially through Twitter, to “so much infamy” and “betrayal.”

Correa affirmed that he is “opponent” of his successor and fellow Moreno, with whom shortly after he handed him the post he maintained a pulse for political issues, which worsened when the head of state claimed to have inherited a “critical” economic situation. Hernandez said today that Correa “can not fail to be present at a time when a consultation has been called, violating all constitutional and legal procedures”, an extreme point rejected by the Executive.

On November 29, Moreno issued two executive decrees to notify the National Electoral Council to call the referendum and popular referendum, arguing that the Constitutional Court had not met the legal deadlines to qualify the proposals, something rejected by Correa . Hernandez insisted on the need for Correa to be in the campaign to “try to reach citizenship and that what is at stake be dimensioned”.


Some thirteen million voters are entitled to participate in the referendum and popular consultation promoted by the Moreno government on corruption, re-election, surplus value, nature, mining and sexual crimes against minors. Read Article

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