Ecuador: Authorities claim tourist not beaten but hit by motorcycle

Posted on January 15, 2015 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Travel reported the Interior Ministry confirms the woman was not beaten. Authorities say they have videos showing she was hit by a motorcycle. Several days ago, the woman’s father claimed she was assaulted and all her belongings were taken.

The Ministry of Interior through his Twitter account said that she discarded Argentina, Ana Paula Chalela, 24, was beaten by unknown as there videos that reveal that she was hit by a motorcycle. According to the Ministry of Health Young Argentina was found unconscious on January 9, 2015, on a street in Portoviejo. Paramedics an ambulance ECU-911, gave him the first attentions and transfer to hospital Verdi Cevallos, in the same city. The Chalela family assumed she was beaten, after an assault. Read Article


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