Cotacachi, Ecuador: Burglary of Expat’s residence reported

Posted on January 29, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Source: FB expat group – name of victim not used.
I am writing this to let folks know that sometimes what you believe is enough security is not…

Thursday night our garage and workers bodega was broken into. Many valuable items were taken. We live in La Compania area across from the bodega de municipio. Our home is protected by bars on the windows and doors and the doors had what we thought were heavy duty locks. We were wrong. The thieves who broke into the lock on the side garage door were professionals who knew exactly how to break the lock. They wore plastic gloves to not leave fingerprints (as they left one behind). They knew exactly where to pull a truck to not be seen. Due to what was taken, there had to be at least two, if not three thieves involved.

We now know that we need MORE security- cameras, motion sensor alarms, etc. and are working on getting this in place. We are even working on getting a dog or two.

It was only “things” that were taken and my husband and I are fine…..but it leaves you feeling so violated.

Live and learn……..and learn the hard way how secure you need to be here in Cotacachi. We still love it here and this will not change any of our views of life here. Our Ecuadorian neighbors, who are friends, are equally mad at what happened.

Please, heed my warning and do not let this happen to you……bars and heavy duty doors are not enough.


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