Chinese Policy toward Latin America: Implications for Japan and the US – Research

Posted on August 19, 2012 • Filed under: China, Latin America News

The objective of the article is to broadly analyze the relationships between China
and Latin America. The focus of the analysis is on China’s attempt over the past few
years to tighten its economic relationship with Latin American countries, alongside the
risks and challenges that this implies. On the other hand, the case of Japan’s emergence
in the 80s, as a threat to the United States’ world supremacy, is illustrated in comparison
with China’s ascendancy. Finally, Latin America has been a region traditionally under
US hegemony, and the article attempts to explain how the US position is challenged by
changes in the orientation of policies, especially in South America. China-Latin America
political and economic relationships are developing over a very special historical context
that is intended to be explained throughout this paper.
Keywords: China, Latin America, Japan, United States, Foreign Policy
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