Ecuador: Foreign Minister Speaks to Challenges in 2017

Posted on January 3, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Alert on Challenges in 2017

WARNS OF ATTACKS ON PROGRESSIVE CURRENTS IN THE REGION reported Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Guillaume Long today warned the people of this South American country about the challenges they will have to face in 2017 internally, and in the international arena.

After congratulating the Ecuadorians for the new year, the head of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility referred to the challenges, which he mentioned in his Twitter account.

Long warned that this will be the year of the Ethical Pact, proposed by the national government to combat and eliminate tax havens, which only promote tax evasion, money laundering and damage to the nation’s economy, he said.

He also said that in these 12 months Ecuador will assume the presidency of the G77 + China Group, which, as he has explained on numerous occasions, constitutes an honor and an important challenge for Quito.

In his message, the head of Ecuadorian diplomacy also mentioned among the challenges the complex transition in the United States, where Republican tycoon Donald Trump, who defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections in November 2016.


The systematic attack on progressive currents in Latin America, the onslaught of wars, xenophobia and hatred in the world, will be part of the struggles that Long advanced to 2017.

“Happy New Year to everyone. 2017 will be year of Ethical Pact, continuity of Revolution, Presidency of the G77. But also year of great challenges. A complex transition in the United States, a systematic attack on progress in our region, and a battle against wars, xenophobia and hatred in the world, “was the message the foreign minister said. ( Prensa Latina ) Read Article

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