A doctors story on serving at an emergency clinic in Sangolqui Ecuador

Posted on December 12, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Health

medscape.com – afolkl, MD, Family Medicine It was strange to observe the disconnect between where I was staying in Quito and the realities of daily life for the people I saw on my rotation. For reasons of cost and convenience, I stayed at a popular hostel in Old Quito, which was full of rich travelers from all over the world (myself included — I don’t care how poor you may be relative to others in your own country; if you can afford to fly halfway around the world, you’re rich on someone’s terms). During the day, I’d see poverty and hopelessness; at night, I could close my door and be, for all intents and purposes, back in a comfortable, developed-world bubble. I’m not entirely comfortable with my decision to stay in Quito in that fashion, but I was unable to arrange housing someplace I felt safe anywhere in Sangolqui. Read Article

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