10 Leaders of Major Hacking Ring Producing Fake Official Documents Detained in Ecuador

Posted on January 9, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Internet, Police/Military Activity

elcomercio.com/Sara Ortiz reported A PhD was the most expensive, costing up to USD 10 000. and engineering degrees prices initiated from USD 1000. An alleged gang of hackers or cybercriminals have charged these prices to record a fake title in the computer system of the Secretariat National Higher Education (Senescyt). Lawyers, doctors, engineers, business managers, masters and even doctorates. The police and the prosecution found that 366 titles in the country were fake and that a gang was behind this. The same network also have attacked the computer systems of the National Traffic Agency (ANT), the Central Bank of Ecuador and other financial institutions. In 18 months that the alleged hackers moved operated estimated USD 1 million to bank accounts in the country and also sent the money to Colombia. These details unveiled Interior Minister José Serrano, in a press conference on the dismantling of the alleged organization. The operation took place on the morning of Friday January 8, 2016 and was called “initial impact”. More than 3000 students and physicians paid professional qualification exam 591,769 heads of household with higher education This morning, from 03:00, homes located in Quito, Guayaquil and Santo Domingo Ibarra raided. Only in the capital he was arrested and six other cities were arrested six people.


A total of 10 members, according Serrano who are the leaders of a sophisticated group of hackers who were dedicated to violate the databases of the entities. One suspect is an officer of the ANT. Serrano said the network also forged driving licenses, as well counted on digital files of ANT. Lorena Bravo, director of this entity, explained that 600 have been detected fraudulent licenses. For each document, the alleged gang charged between USD 1000 and USD 3000. ANT authorities and Senescyt these anomalies detected after its website reported a series of attacks. That was three months ago, since the Directorate of Intelligence of the Police and the Prosecutor opened an investigation. Among the evidence were found in the operating comprise purchase and sale of vehicles, insurance acquisition seals Ministry of Education and resumes of prospective clients who requested a degree. Rene Ramirez, head of the Senescyt said that 366 titles were already downloaded the system, that is no longer listed as registered. He warned that in a second part of the research will focus on finding customers, because “it is the responsibility of the applicant (the fake degrees)”. In this case, researchers received warnings of possible counterfeit titles, then went to the universities that allegedly credited requested records and notes, enrollment and attendance. But the absence of these documents was confirmed fraud. Even the band had a printer where physically elaborated the minutes. Detainees will be put to the orders of a judge and in the hours an audience of arraignment will be held. Read Article

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