Uruguay study indicates drinking Mate may cause cancer

Posted on August 27, 2012 • Filed under: Argentina, Latin America Health, Latin America News, TRAVEL, Uruguay

The research warns that the high consumption and laryngeal cancer cause mouth. It should be the high water temperature consistent with a chemical that causes the grass. The doctor Uruguayan Eduardo De Stefani released a report and the controversy exploded: he and his team claim that the mate is carcinogenic to the mouth and pharynx, while other researchers are questioning the results. The sights are set on two factors: the temperature of the water and a chemical that would come in the grass. According to the newspaper The Observer explains, scientists argue that consumers of more traditional infusion rioplatenses acquire diseases by high water temperature and the action of the chemical called benzopyrene.These two theories are discussed and it is somewhat lower because it is found either, the responsibility would fall on the consumer or industry billing million a year. Read Article

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