UN report reveals Ecuador has reduced poverty by half since 2003

Posted on July 26, 2014 • Filed under: Economy, Ecuador, Social Issues

telesurtv.net reported A United Nations Development Program report reveals that Ecuador has reduced poverty by half since 2003.In working to to meet its Millennium Development Goals, Ecuador has seen a 50 percent reduction in poverty since 2003. In its report released on Thursday, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has shown that Ecuador is one of the countries with the most sustained development growth globally. On poverty reduction, the UNDP representative in Ecuador, Diego Zorrilla praised the Ecuadorian government heavy investments in education, healthcare, social security and job creation. He said, “Ecuador has state policies in these fields and thus seeks to reduce persistent vulnerabilities that occur throughout the life cycle.” Since 2000 the middle class in Ecuador has expanded considerably and now represents about one-third of the population. Read Article

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