Student Protests Result in 874 Arrests, Santiago, Chile

Posted on August 5, 2011 • Filed under: Chile, Conflicts, Social Issues

•The student protests in Santiago, Chile have resulted in 874 arrests of protestors and 90 injured police officers.
• reports that the protestors utilized the “cacerolazo*” form of protest used during the dictatorship of Pinochet.
•Andrés Chadwick, the official spokesperson of the Chilean government, defended the actions of the police as necessary and had foreseen that protestors would disobey the limits set by the government.
•The minister of Education, Felipe Bulnes gave the statistic of 200,000 students out of class and stated that the government will make an effort for students not in protest to be able to return to class.
•The president of the students of the Universidad Católica, Giorgio Jackson, suggested that a referendum might be necessary if the government and the students do not reach an agreement. Read Article
* cacerolazo – a type of protest in which protestors bang pots and pans; also cacerolada

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